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The iPhone Generation, continued.

↑Nikon Z7 + Undisclosed Lens #1.

The iPhone Generation.

↑Nikon Z7 + Undisclosed Lens #1.

The Fall Concert (1 – 10).

These are super-talented high school students… I was floored by their performance(s).

Photographed last night.


Leica M10 + Undisclosed Lens #1.

48 years.

Happy Birthday.


Leica M10 + Undisclosed Lens #1.



Same flowers, same lens, this time with some Ice Light lighting assistance:

Leica M10 + Undisclosed Lens #1.

Night of the Choir Solo (7 images).

Leica M3, Undisclosed Lens #1, and Fuji Superia X-tra 1600.


Leica M3, Undisclosed Lens #1, Kodak Tri-X 400, and Plustek 8200i.


(the enlightened one)



Leica M8 (CCD Lives!Prosophos Open Letter to Leica) + Lens #1 (find identity of Lens #1 here).

Mr. Baseball.

The local hero.

Mr. Baseball

Anatomy of Last Night’s Game.

This series was photographed last night with my undisclosed lens.

(click to see LARGE)

Anatomy of Last Night's Game

Each image was created with the lens wide open.

For those interested in seeing the details this lens captures at maximum aperture, here is a 100% crop of the third image:

(focus is on his eyelashes)

Anatomy of Last Night's Game (100% crop)

Yes, this lens costs less than a Leica lens hood.  It costs less than an M9 battery.  Amazing really.

I’m working my way down the list of donators to the site and revealing the identity of my undisclosed lens.

Thanks again to those who donated.


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Onward and Upward.

A plane-against-the-evening-sky shot.

This is courtesy of my undisclosed lens, with the aperture wide open (focus set to infinity).

The image below represents a 50% crop of the original.


Onward and Upward


A pivotal moment.

This was photographed tonight.

It’s another colour image taken with my undisclosed lens (well, eight of you now know which lens I’m using — I’m going down the list of people who donated to my site and revealing its identity as my personal thank you).

As you can see, the rendering — even wide open — is impressive.


A pivotal moment



She’s emerging from the darkness of a 6 day fever.

And with this post, I’m emerging from radio silence.  Thank you again to all who donated to the site.

As you know, I’m going down the list of donators each day and divulging the identity of my mystery lens, which can currently be purchased for less than a Leica lens hood.

This is the first colour shot I’ve created with the undisclosed lens.  I see impressive colour rendition and pulling of shadow detail, but it also helps to have the mighty M9 sensor capturing those precious photons.

On a related note, I’d like to thank the great Mr. Youxin Ye for repairing my undisclosed lens in record time and making sure the aperture and focus rings are working smoothly.  He also removed a considerable amount of dust from within the lens barrel.  Thank you Youxin!



Summer, linguistics.

All of the Summer images from this week were taken last Saturday afternoon with my focus-ring-broken lens.

I’m thinking I will keep it and get it CLA’d.


Summer, linguistics