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Summer, wispy.

Birthday Girl.

Summer, wispy


Background info:

The focus ring on my 55-year-old inexpensive mystery lens seized up yesterday morning and no longer turns (maybe that’s why it was priced so low).

I spent the whole day moving myself backwards and forwards to achieve focus at the the precise distance where the focus ring is stuck.  I’m glad I did that for this shot.

I’ll post a few more images in the next few days.

In the interim, I need to make a decision:  do I return the lens, or do I send it somewhere for adjustment?



Dandelion (100% crop).

100% centre crop from a 55-year-old lens that costs less than a Leica lens filter!

(the focus point is right at the centre of the dandelion, and this was shot wide open… I kid you not.)

Dandelion 100% crop

And here is the original image (ISO = 1250, 1/180 sec, aperture = I’m not telling):


Pretty cool, eh?

This is a lens that most Leica shooters would likely never consider.

My guess is that it’s due for a massive price adjustment.


Something Wonderful.

HAL-9000: What is going to happen?
Dave: Something wonderful.
HAL-9000: I’m afraid.
Dave: Don’t be. We’ll be together.
HAL-9000: Where will we be?
Dave: Where I am now.

Something Wonderful (HAL 9000)