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Something Wonderful.

HAL-9000: What is going to happen?
Dave: Something wonderful.
HAL-9000: I’m afraid.
Dave: Don’t be. We’ll be together.
HAL-9000: Where will we be?
Dave: Where I am now.

Something Wonderful (HAL 9000)

Test Shot 2.

Orchids in the evening.

Considering the camera was handheld at a shutter speed of only 1/125 sec, the sharpness is excellent.  The shutter vibration is better than what I expected.  I’m pleasantly surprised.

The lighting was mixed (natural twilight and nearby incandescent) and the colour is true to what I saw.

Tonality is really nice too.



Aperture:  Undisclosed

Shutter Speed:  1/125 sec

ISO:  400

Camera:  Undisclosed

Lens:  Undisclosed

Test Shot (with 100% crop).

As promised, here is the 100% crop from the image posted earlier today:

Honey - Test Shot

Aperture:  Undisclosed

Shutter Speed:  1/200 sec

ISO:  500

Camera:  Undisclosed

Lens:  Undisclosed

Test Shot.

Finally some nice window light today for a few test shots with the new system.  Honey was my willing (but perplexed) model.

I’ll post an 100% crop from this image, later today.


Test Shot