Test Shot 2.

Inspiration, Q&A, Teaching point, Undisclosed Camera

Orchids in the evening.

Considering the camera was handheld at a shutter speed of only 1/125 sec, the sharpness is excellent.  The shutter vibration is better than what I expected.  I’m pleasantly surprised.

The lighting was mixed (natural twilight and nearby incandescent) and the colour is true to what I saw.

Tonality is really nice too.



Aperture:  Undisclosed

Shutter Speed:  1/125 sec

ISO:  400

Camera:  Undisclosed

Lens:  Undisclosed

17 thoughts on “Test Shot 2.

  1. 1/125, ISO 400…with that light and DoF aperture is wide open. Rendering (though hard to say given your distance and light from subject) looking very Otus-ish. Also resolution is superb. Very sharp wide open as well…..which is feature of Otus.

    Obviously I could and probably will look like a dunce I’ve at least got to put some reasoning around it. As for body I still think it’s something worthy of that lens so a larger body given it’s size. D4s still going to be my pick. Though the back of that camera looks like sitting in a A380 cockpit compared to the M9:-)!!

  2. I would say it is Zeiss glass, I guess the sony alpha 7 + 55 f/1.8. I have it next to my M9. The sony gives really nice images but I prefer The viewfinder of the compact M or the bulky nikons.

  3. OK, more utter nonsense posing in reasoning’s clothes:

    With the assumption this is a lens in the 50-58mm range, it’s interesting you’d be concerned with sharpness at a shutter speed 2x focal length. Also while limited by the web sized images, there’s an awful lot of detail in both Honey’s portrait and the orchid….hhhmmmm.

    Even if the A7r shutter makes a racket, it still has no mirror and my understanding is that mirror slap accounts for much of the vibration that causes concerns with handheld sharpness. Further hhhmmmm….

    With only 16mp, the Df or D4 at 2x focal length should be fine handheld, shouldn’t they? Final hhhmmmm…

    Did you actually decide to take on the size and weight of an 800E?

    And with that heft to back it, this could, perhaps, be the Otus as Andy suspects… I really don’t think you’d put that beast on the tiny A7r.

    I guess we’ll find out for sure tomorrow

  4. I will bit the ball. Almost the best lens you can buy today is the Zeiss Otus. OK, let’s try it, why not? Then it comes to the body. I’ve seen good reviews of the Otus with the D800, but, admitedly, the D800 is more or less a monster. I could say the Df, but, even they want us to believe it is some kind of modern descendant of the very nice Nikon F manual cameras, it is not. It is chunky, heavy, kind of a modern DSLR in disguise, which I think doesn’t account with your style.

    I don’t think you’re going to med-format digital either. That would be really chunky. It is normal that you speak of shutter vibration, because the M9 has almost none. Either the Nikons or the A7r would make the shutter noticeable, but they won’t introduce vibrations. So, I’m not sure, really. You may end up with the D800E+Otus or the A7r+Zeiss 55, but it seems to me that you dismissed too fast the A7r…

    🙂 IF this is not an April’s fool 🙂


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