7 thoughts on “Test Shot (with 100% crop).

  1. I was hoping to catch the camera’s reflection in the eyes. Absent that, and having seen the photo, I’m now inclined to agree with those who have said Nikon Df. Black. 🙂

  2. Does 100% means that if we download it every pixel we see corresponds to a pixel in the original image? This makes the original file small, with a long size of about 2500 pixels… Can it be so small or are we not seeing the full resolution?

  3. She was looking right at the super secret equipment. Honey looks pretty discreet but even the most confidential retrievers I know have a weakness for treats. I would be happy to send a rotisserie chicken if you would just put her on a speaker phone with all of us so we could ask her. Or perhaps she has a twitter account? She is obviously dying to tell us. 🙂 The image (remember the image?) is elegant, warm and precise. Beautifully rendered by the photographer, the light box, and the glass and dutifully tolerated by the model.

  4. With you guys talking about the Otus I went and had a look at a Flickr group WOW what a amazing lens, connected to a DF black it would be close to the M9 Summilux. Hmmm I think I will change my guess.

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