Mike, the worker (75mm Summarit @ f2/.5).The Truthface-paintingLoveWonderment.Cat's EyesRoad LoveSmile, revisited.Poetic wall of light and shadowNocturne in E sharp2 SoulsbusinessboyArte EspressoStaying Dry - ProsophosSafeConnectedStiltedcoachUrban IconicThe Beautiful Game - wispyThe Green RoomHockey Girlbrushing-honeyTender is the KnightLightM tooDreamAuraSpringtime in Toronto, Part 3Lights of our livesTree Portrait, Part 3Father's Day, Part 2I see starsWinter Hat PortraitGlowFather's DayTest ShotAt the FairUkulele GirlRapture in concrete dustThe IncidentCloudy NocturneThe piano tuner, Part 2 of 3.ghost-train-revisitedWater Forms Laugh again, againLaugh13 1413The passionate breakfastbathshebaI want to be free.rend-of-summer-part-2thecles-gift    Planet EarthLove and Remembrance free-as-a-bird Sunrise at Oxtongue Lake, Part IV of VII.  18p209504453-4 23 3-generations.L - A portrait.SRR True Portrait26p1053332681-4Shadows 25  36Halloween 2. Bird, BirdSearching 30 Poolside (Black-Eyed Angel). moon-and-rainbow-over-barbados Breaking through. B in Wonderalnd 153 kidsStacked. C in Wonderland   Windswept. p771892990-4 p855951304-4  The whirlwind. 99Soccer girl 100  The path - her path 211 baseball-revisited boy-and-train laugh4 Angelic Memories and Momentos - The series Breakfast Sunset Portrait, Anonymous Boy Siren Rock Pool Lounging Sun Bathers Ezra Sweetness Parade Blue Belle. Union Station, revisited. Prosophos-17 Prosophos-16 poolside-the-matrix  iphone-3guys Halo. L - A portrait. The fairytale.After the bath.Fun Fair.Wispy Horse. The beautiful game. Happy Mother's Day.17 17 p939549917-4An inner glow.Fall, on edge.Bathtime The Falls  RainfallG - A portrait, revisited. Portrait - Sring has sprung 30 minute Outdoor Portrait Session. Portrait 10 Portrait 5 Portrait 6 Portrait 8Toro!SistersOctober OneThe Man

Boy of Summer (First Hit Ever)

Boy of Sombre, Summer