16 thoughts on “Summer, poetic.

  1. You are killing me with these B/W images. Now I am lusting after a monochrome and whatever lens this is

      1. I am sure you could take a great photograph with a Lego camera, but darn, those are some gorgeous pictures my friend

  2. Superb. One for the wall. Not that you have any space left. 🙂

    If I ran a photo competition, I would ban you from entering. It would piss off almost every other entrant.

      1. I’m happy not to go into it (because I am sure you don’t!), but I do want to express my regret. So much for ‘diversity’.

        BTW, I’m going to be brave and guess two things about this lens:

        It’s an SLR lens
        It’s a rangefinder lens, significantly longer than 50mm (such as, oh, a Steinheil 135/4.5)

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