4 thoughts on “Summer, bilingual.

  1. Peter, nicely done. I think you’ve got black and white processing down. As one who can get a good deal on a monochrom and is trying to twist his own arm, can you share your PP technique? Any thoughts?

    1. Thanks Warren. I learned that with the Monochrom processing, “less is more”. It’s actually quite simple, what I do, but for some reason it took me a while to figure it out.

      I’m afraid I can no longer offer free instruction on this site, as it is too time consuming and I’ve already spent a small fortune experimenting with equipment over the years and sharing my experiences freely.

      Sorry if that sounds rude, but it’s amazing to me that how the reverse – asking for my time, effort, and knowledge with no consideration to compensation or often even a simple “thank you” – is not considered rude.

      Please understand that this comment is not directed specifically at you, as your request has been repeated by others, but I need to be clear starting now, because I keep getting email requests for help/my “secrets”/opinions, etc. on a daily basis and I can no longer oblige.


      1. Just a passing thought on my end. Wasn’t requesting a tutorial or anything elaborate. You didn’t sound rude, just a bit annoyed and I apologize if I provoked that. I can also see how you may be overwhelmed with requests. I wish you well with your chosen path and enjoy your family.

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