9 thoughts on “Illuminated.

    1. No, no. I said goodbye to the M9 for good last year.

      Perhaps one day a digital M will be mine again… maybe in 5 years or so.

      I really miss having a digital M but I just don’t think that the “Leica tax” on the M10 is worth it, considering the current state of the art. One could argue that the Leica tax on the M9 wasn’t worth it either, but as I wrote in my open letter to Leica, at least the M9 gave you a unique look.

      The M240, as I predicted from the outset, has been relegated to the dustbin of camera history.

      If I sound like I am bragging on both counts, it’s because I am. I took a stance several years ago that was contrary to most reviewers (and in doing so took some heat for my beliefs). Time has ultimately proven me right. The M9 is still sought after, the M240 not so much.

      On another note, thanks for your appreciation of my image. That Undisclosed Lens #1 always surprises me.

  1. Hi Peter I got my M3 back from service at a similar time to your receiving your new camera. Been thinking about home development, encouraged by your Plustek which doesn’t seem to cost the earth. I seem to remember stumbling across your home developing instruction guide for a small fee somewhere but can’t think where the link was. Would it be possible for you to direct me to the right place. Also coincidently shot some snow shots today, first heavy snow in SE England for some time. Some on a Fuji XT1 and others on a M8, and the shots I liked best came from the M8. I don’t love the M8 VF though unlike the M3’s which is wonderful. .

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