5 thoughts on “Light.

  1. My goal for the spring is to save up and get a 58. This just completely pushed it over the edge. I noticed you put this over on FM, had to zip over here to make sure you hadn’t re-purchased it!

    1. Hahaha Dave!

      I’m still not (re-)sold on this lens.

      On the positive side, it has the best bokeh I’ve ever seen in a 50-ish lens. Also, it’s ability to create the much sought after “3D effect” on the intended subject is impressive and reminiscent of medium format cameras/lenses. It’s also relatively small and light (real bonuses in my book).

      So what are the downsides? Sharpness is not its strong suit (admittedly, for many this is largely irrelevant in the context of portraiture) and AF is inconsistent (at least, it was on the D810 I was using). The inconsistent focus is what really killed it for me the first time around… not sure I want to go back.

      But, boy, as that FM thread shows, there are many, many great images being created with this lens.

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