Anatomy of Last Night’s Game.

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This series was photographed last night with my undisclosed lens.

(click to see LARGE)

Anatomy of Last Night's Game

Each image was created with the lens wide open.

For those interested in seeing the details this lens captures at maximum aperture, here is a 100% crop of the third image:

(focus is on his eyelashes)

Anatomy of Last Night's Game (100% crop)

Yes, this lens costs less than a Leica lens hood.  It costs less than an M9 battery.  Amazing really.

I’m working my way down the list of donators to the site and revealing the identity of my undisclosed lens.

Thanks again to those who donated.


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6 thoughts on “Anatomy of Last Night’s Game.

    1. Thanks!

      To your point, I agree that it’s not about the lens when you’re trying to create interesting photography, but it’s definitely about the lens when you’re discussing lens sharpness, bokeh, etc.

  1. Very nice series Peter. It must be a nice change of perspective using this lens, having come from the Leica ASPH camp of day to day shooting.

    It was never in doubt but looks like you have the focusing well under control which is no mean feat!

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