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Mamiya 7II + 80mm + Kodak Porta 400.

Blue and Red (Test Shots, Mamiya 7).

Test Roll #1, Frames #4 and 5 of 10.

In the first shot I was re-familiarizing myself with the dynamic range, in the second the bokeh.  In both I was testing for the focus accuracy of my rangefinder.

1/125 | f/4 for both images.

So far, so good.




Mamiya 7 + 80mm + Kodak Porta 400.

Bikes and Pedestrian (Mamiya 7 test shot with crop).

Test Roll #1, Frame #2 of 10.

Overcast, late afternoon.

1/250 | f/4.

Here’s the scene.

The point of focus is on the letters “SR” (on the bike seat):


And here is an extreme crop:


Mamiya 7 + 80mm + Kodak Porta 400.


The Glance.

(I was invisible to this man.)

Test Roll #1, Frame #3 of 10.

Overcast, late afternoon.

1/125 | f/4.



Mamiya 7 + 80mm + Kodak Porta 400.

The Lion and the Lioness.

Test Roll #1, Frame #9 of 10.

Overcast, late afternoon.

1/125 | f/4.



Mamiya 7 + 80mm + Kodak Porta 400.


It started snowing here last week.  It’ll be a long time before we get back to this…


Toothless and cyanotic.

One thing about the 6 x 7 format I really appreciate is that everything is depicted in a “grand” way (even blue tongues!) and truer to life vs. the 35mm format.

The effect is always visible to my eye, but becomes more apparent  when comparing images from the two formats in a side-by-side fashion.


Toothless and Cyanotic

Tousled Reflections.

At the interface of Spring and Summer.

Tousled Reflections


At the Fair, Part 2.


Boy and Dog.

80mm | f/4 | ASA 400 | 1/4 sec

Boy and Dog

Po(i)sed (test shot).

This is a test shot involving some challenging (but beautiful) light.

The gear: Mamiya 7II + 80mm, and Kodak Portra 400 film.

The “test” part is referring to not only the camera gear, but also the film scanning.



The Alzheimer Society Fundraising Gang.

They sold lemonade, orange juice, and some of their old toys… and raised $119.05.

The Alzheimer Society Fundraising Gang


Test Shot #4 from the first roll of film run through the Mamiya 7II.