The Lion and the Lioness.

Test Roll #1, Frame #9 of 10.

Overcast, late afternoon.

1/125 | f/4.



Mamiya 7 + 80mm + Kodak Porta 400.

10 thoughts on “The Lion and the Lioness.

  1. Well spotted. Cara Delevingne is my favourite model. 🙂

  2. andygemmell says:

    Nice! Also love that texture and rendering.

    Im off to India for a week in June. This is my combo of choice….Mamiya 7 and Portra 400 and 800.

    • India + Mamiya + Portra sounds great to me Andy! What lens(es) are you bringing with you?

      • Andy Gemmell says:

        I own the 80mm and 50mm so those two I’d say. I considered changing the 50 over to the 43. They are both fantastic and the 50 suits a little better for my street work as I don’t need a finder. What you see in the whole VF is basically what you get. Not ideal but still workable.

        • Andy, as you know I owned the 43mm for a while and, as great as it was, I agree 50mm is better for photography involving people.

          This time around, I was actually looking for a 65mm lens for a slightly wider(er) perspective vs. 80mm, but the 7 and 80mm came as a set, and I can’t say I’m disappointed to have the 80mm again.

          The 80/50 combo you have seems to be the perfect pairing.

          • andygemmell says:

            Yeah it’s a very handy pairing. Another thought for India and generally was get the 65mm as a one lens one camera set up for a trip like this. But alas we get drawn into that terrible ailment GAS if I over think it!

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