Toothless and cyanotic.

One thing about the 6 x 7 format I really appreciate is that everything is depicted in a “grand” way (even blue tongues!) and truer to life vs. the 35mm format.

The effect is always visible to my eye, but becomes more apparent  when comparing images from the two formats in a side-by-side fashion.


Toothless and Cyanotic

6 thoughts on “Toothless and cyanotic.

  1. andygemmell says:

    Well I can only go on your images Peter and I have to agree. You’ve summed it up well.

    I am happy to say though, if the weather co-operates it’ll be my first day back into making some images!

  2. hi peter, this is a beautiful image. do you develop the film yourself or do you have it developed ? i am considering getting a hasselblad 501 or 503 but i am still unsure about the whole development and scanning process. i have a plustek 5200 that i can use for my 35mm film (leica and so on). but i would have to upgrade if i get into medium format.

  3. A. Hackauf says:

    Dangerous Mamiya 7II:
    A shot that costs the poor boy a tooth and burn marks on his tongue!

    Wonderful Mamiya 7II:
    There seems to be no 2 D distance between the medium and realitiy!

    Congratulations Peter!…. and now we all wait for comparisations Mamiya – Leica M-E!!!

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