Featured Photographer: Tibor Budai.

Tibor Budai

What I want is to capture the natural, something quirky, insignificant or ordinary in the eyes of everyone, but something that eventually becomes emotional or surreal once transcribed to a photo.

—Tibor Budai.


Tibor Budai



35 yrs old, originally from Budapest, Hungary.  Moved to Switzerland as a child, where he currently resides.  Works for Philip Morris.

Cameras and lenses.

“A Leica M7 with my 35mm Zeiss Biogon. I also have a Nikon FM2 as a backup solution in case my main camera breaks down!”

What’s important.

We only live once, but if you play it right it is enough. ”

Interesting fact.

I was in the army in Switzerland, and security was at a maximum during the 9/11 era.  Part of my duties included patrolling the US embassy and many others in the capital of Bern. Nowadays, I much prefer to patrol the streets with a camera hanging around my neck rather than a machine gun.”



Today I am very pleased to present the work of Tibor Budai, whose photography I’ve enjoyed for several years.

Mr. Budai has an uncanny ability to “see”, and a gift for pressing the camera shutter at precisely the most interesting/poignant moment.

His seemingly quirky compositions belie a masterful photographer at work, whose intelligence is both playful and incisive.  Moreover, he accomplishes all of this within the challenging medium of film.

Simply put, Tibor is one of the purest photographers I know, and I admire his talents tremendously.



Q&A with Tibor.

What motivated (and still motivates) you to pick up a camera?

“The motivation for me is to record an instant which will disappear forever as quickly as it has appeared, just a moment ago.  It’s my life’s passion I think, discovered late, but as we say: “better late then never!” I just love taking pictures with the imagination process that begins soon after having taken it and this same process continuing on until the film development, with the gradual excitement going with it. And I simply like to look and appreciate the result of the successful photos after all the effort made. ”


What do your images “say” about you?

“We say that pictures reflect one’s personality. Perhaps this is true. What I want is to capture the natural, something quirky, insignificant or ordinary in the eyes of everyone, but something that eventually becomes emotional or surreal once transcribed to a photo.  To say the least, this is not an obvious thing to do!“


How have you evolved as a photographer/artist over the years?

“[I’ve evolved] a lot if I look back when I started 3-4 years ago.  I’ve learned from others’ work in forums or social media, and turning the pages of grand master’s photo books countless times, over and over again .”

Any further comments about your work you’d like to share?

“I started doing mostly street photography. But now I tend to run some personal projects. I think change can bring benefits especially when one feels that particular subjects may have been overdone. It also allows me to come back to previous subjects, but with a different refreshed perspective. ”




Images courtesy of Tibor Budai.















Once again, I wish to convey my gratitude to Tibor for participating in this series.

If you’d like to see more of his work, please visit Tibor’s website here.



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9 thoughts on “Featured Photographer: Tibor Budai.

  1. greg g49 says:

    What to say about these? Products of a personal vision that expand and richen the viewer’s appreciation of the world around him. The placement of the main subject often accentuates the surreal feeling; and every time I use that word anymore I feel compelled to also say that I do so in its original sense of combining dream and reality, not its later acquired notion of bizarre, for there is nothing bizarre about these but many are surely of a dream heightened reality. When I grow up, I’d like to be able to approach this level of vision… wait, I already am grown up, alas, I will likely need to settle for just enjoying such as these.

  2. mewanchuk says:

    All very captivating images that draw the viewer in to the scene.

    And all on film–fantastic!! It is heartening to see someone carrying on the true “art”–especially someone as talented as Tibor.

    Thank you to you both for this excellent exhibition.


  3. Guy Platt says:

    As I said yesterday I have long been a fan of Tibor’s images. These are all good examples of them with the first and last ones my favorites.

  4. Luiz Paulo says:

    Congratulations on the great work Tibor. It’s so nice to see a natural and genuine point of view. Thanks for sharing another great photographer Peter.

  5. Hugues says:

    Papa Tibor !!!

    C’est la grande classe ! Tu es sur le site de notre ami Peter 😉
    Afin de garder ma spontanéité, je vais t’écrire en Français … Je me souviens de toutes ces images !
    Je me souviens surtout, de ce moment où j’ai découvert tes clichés sur le forum…à l’époque, j’avais été marqué par cet engagement que l’on pouvait voir sur tes photos !
    Aussi, je considère que la photographie est une forme de langage… cette manière de t’exprimer me touche particulièrement !
    Je retrouve beaucoup de sensibilité et de force derrière tes images… beaucoup d’intelligence également !
    Je te dis tout cela avec beaucoup de coeur et de sincérité !
    En montrant nos images au grand public, on fait le choix de se mettre à nu ! C’est une présentation en images, de qui nous sommes en profondeur… Je sais pourquoi nous avons ce rapport ! J’ai apprécié ta personnalité mon pote…
    Une fois encore, bravo pour ce bel exposé en image ! Ici, chez Peter !!!

    Tonton Hugues.

    PS 1 : se serait vraiment sympa de voir tes dernières créations…. 😉

    PS 2 : Je profite pour passer un grand bonjour aux copains !!! Greg, Guy, Mark and Luiz !!!

    PS 3 : Peter, tu as toute mon admiration mon ami !!!

    PS 4 : English version

    Papa Tibor !!!

    This is the great class! You are on the website of our friend Peter;-)
    To keep my spontaneity, I’ll write you in French … I remember all these images!
    I especially remember, that when I found your pictures on the forum … at the time, I had been influenced by the commitment that you could see on your photos!
    Also, I believe that photography is a form of language … this way to express yourself touches me!
    I found a lot of sensitivity and strength behind your images … very intelligent too!
    I say this with a lot of heart and sincerity!
    Showing our pictures to the general public, we made ​​the choice to bare! This is a presentation of images, of who we are deep … I know why we have this report! I enjoyed your personality buddy …
    Once again, congratulations for this beautiful exposed picture! Here at Peter!

    Uncle Hugh.

    PS 1: would really nice to see your latest creations …. 😉

    PS 2: I take this opportunity to make a big hello to friends! Greg, Guy, Mark and Luiz!

    PS 3: Peter, you have my admiration my friend!

  6. andygemmell says:

    Great work Tibor.

    “What I want is to capture the natural, something quirky, insignificant or ordinary in the eyes of everyone, but something that eventually becomes emotional or surreal once transcribed to a photo.” You are very true to your thought process and do it very well. Thank you.

    Thanks Peter for opening up Tibor’s work for us.

  7. Jason Timmis says:

    Very nice work Tibor. You have connected the camera with your eye very well in these scenes. The image with the sunlit lady and the two others in the shadows is the standout for me – a very nice play of light and form.


  8. Tibor Budai says:

    Thanks a lot to Guy, Uncle Hugues, Andy, Jason, Greg, Luiz & M. for having dropped by with some comments! It was a pleasure reading through them and I wanted to say thanks of course to Peter for sharing my work. I always thought that shooting is a pleasure but sharing to others the work is equally a pleasure.

    All the best,


  9. I love the last one! I suppose it could be done in the proverbial darkroom – but then it wouldn’t be just a photo anymore. 🙂

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