Featured Photographer: Bijan.

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↑Photo (c) Nick Bilton.

I fell in love with making photographs because I wanted a time machine.  A beautiful way to visit my memories.






44 years old, lives outside of Boston with his wife and three kids. A venture capitalist at Spark Capital where he invests primarily in early stage consumer internet companies. Has become quite passionate about photography over the last few years.  It all started with the iPhone 4, the first “nice” camera that he brought with him everywhere.

Cameras and lenses.

Leica: M240, M9-P, M3.  Nikon: D800.  Apple: iPhone5.  Fuji: Fujifilm Instax 210 (“so much fun!”).

What’s important.

My family and work are the most important things in my life.  And in that order.  I fell in love with making photographs because I wanted a time machine.  A beautiful way to visit my memories. ”

Interesting fact.

My peripheral vision is shot in my left eye.  I guess all I need is my right eye for my camera 🙂 .”



Today I am very pleased to present the work of fellow photo enthusiast Bijan.  I came across Bijan’s website last year and casually started scrolling through his images, reading his posts, and listening to the linked-to music.  About an hour later, having immersed myself in this wonderful multi-sensorial experience, I wondered where the time had gone.

In Bijan‘s work there is certainly ample evidence of a man that loves his family, work, and his life.  Through the eyes of a poet we view a world which is beautiful and inspiring — and sometimes bitter-sweet.  Although Bijan has acquired the technical skills to capture life’s events in a form worthy of display in the pages of some polished periodical , his work exudes something that no glitzy magazine can ever get quite right: authenticity.   Perhaps this, more than anything, is the gift he shares with us.

Please help me, therefore, in welcoming Bijan.


[If you wish to get the full “multi-sensorial experience”, please visit Bijan’s website.]


Q&A with Bijan.

What motivated (and still motivates) you to pick up a camera?

“I take my camera everywhere with me. It’s rare that I’m not chasing the light somewhere. I love making photographs of my family (it’s one of the things which led me to your fine website Prosophos).  I love exploring new places with my camera. I love taking photographs of my friends.  I picked up my first rangefinder system two years ago and I can say with certainty it has changed my life and how I see things.”


What do your images “say” about you?

“I hope they say that these photographs are from someone that cares about his friends, family, work, photography and surroundings.  And that he’s trying to improve in all of those areas. It’s a work in progress, across the board.“


How have you evolved as a photographer/artist over the years?

“I’m paying attention.  That’s the most important thing I’ve learned since I started using my Leica. I’m embarrassed to admit but I used to walk around the city staring at my mobile phone, checking email. Head down, staring at the screen.  Now I have my head up, phone in my pocket, and I’m paying attention.  I’m chasing the light.  I’m looking at smiles and all the beautiful things all around me.”

Any further comments about your work you’d like to share?

“Thank you so much for inviting me to share my photographs on your blog.  It has helped inspire me and dared me to try new things, in new ways.”




Images courtesy of Bijan.

b-first snow

b-Sam Cambridge

b-Bay Bridge at night

b-Bay Bridge still

b-Ellie Vermont

b-James Winthrop WA

b-Florida sunrise

b-Gas Works Park - Seattle

b-Kennedy Johnson

b-Under the Golden Gate Bridge

b-Lands End SF

b-Mt Davidson SF sunrise

b-Sophia ballerina

b-lauren b&w

A sincere thank you again to Bijan.



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20 thoughts on “Featured Photographer: Bijan.

  1. Truly remarkable! Thank you for sharing Peter!
    I love your site Bijan. Good combination of music, stories and wonderful frames of emotion.

    Regards, Jeffrey

  2. Bijan thank you for sharing here. I have been reading your blog recently and really enjoy your thoughts and of course photos.

    You create wonderful photography and have a great philosophy on life.

  3. Thanks Peter for sharing Bijan and his work. I have a new blog to follow and a Leica shooter too. Bijan, your comment about staring down at your phone is not surprising to me as I witness most people doing that wherever I travel. Like you, having my camera with me all the time has allowed me to get my head up and see the real world around me.

    Your images inspire me to photograph my family more than I do and I really like how you see through your Leica!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this Peter. Bijan, I can clearly understand why Peter chose you as a featured photographer and I have a distinct feeling I’ll be reading through your website in a lot more detail this weekend.

    I visit a number of photography sites and am genuinely tired of seeing over saturated, over sharpened, un-natural “eye-candy”. You and Peter are immensely refreshing and I wish there was one site for the kinds of pictures you, Peter and a number of others take. What a wonderful site that would be!


  5. Bijan,

    May I say this is a very nice set, and you have a very nice site as well. I believe Peter’s statement is quite true — your images reflect authenticity.

  6. Beautiful images, Bijan! Loved your quote about Time Machine. That’s pretty much why I fell in love with photography and why I keep following in love with it, over and over again.

  7. Once again, I’d like to thank Bijan for graciously participating in this series.

    Also, I’d like to thank all the readers who took the time to leave thoughtful and constructive comments.


  8. Peter — great to see this feature which I seemed to have missed previously. Thanks for keeping these coming!

    Bijan — I have followed your blog for a bit now and have always enjoyed your fine images. I also enjoy the fact that I can always expect your words to make me think and to be introduced to some new music as well. I also enjoy seeing you work with some of my favorite IG photographers as well. Looking forward to your future posts.

    Best regards — Bishop (@awideopenlens)

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