Featured Photographer: hughf.

Photography has saved me, my life.






39 yrs old.  Lives in Paris, France.  Began working at age 16, and since the age of 19 has worked as a salesman in different places.  Currently works 6 days a week, which leaves him with “not enough time” to practice his passion.


Leica M9 and Canon 5D M2 (for tele work with the 135/2 L).  He views his gear as “like a little treasure”.

What’s important.

“My Family is my Heart.”

Interesting fact.

Has a twin brother.



It is my great honour today to feature an exceptional photographer, Hugues, known online by his artistic name, hughf.

I met Hugues almost two years ago, when he contacted me to request advice about Leica gear.  Little did I know that the polite and humble person with whom I was communicating possessed a sensitive and powerful photographic vision that would later leave me in awe.

Hugues has that rare ability to see in the most profound sense, and his imagery is imbued with passion and intelligence.  If you’ve never seen his photographs before, you’re in for a real treat.

What follows, therefore, are the truly inspirational images, and the brutally honest words, of hughf.




Words and text, courtesy of hughf.


My life has been very confused, and I have done a lot of mistakes during this long period…

I have tried to have a “classic life”, with a good Job and a Person to Love when I was 23.

…But this history has been for me like a “nightmare” 

And ever since, I live alone.  It is my own choice.

With too much of Work and Alcohol, and I have lived like a “Wolf”…

A bit like my father in fact…

Well sorry to tell you all this, but it has a true importance for the rest, in fact…because Photography has saved me, my life.

Today I really want to have a life with a nice perspective…

With a better health (mental and physical), and the fact to think and practice this passion is better than anything else… When I shoot, I walk a lot and my mind is very aware (I have positive things in my mind )…

… and finally, to make this, it is if I do some sport and have something which [makes me] passionate.  I think that it is so important to [find] a way and a passion to become better…

… I don’t have a particular style… But I really like to have my pictures very clean and clear… I think that I am very direct and frontal and I like to have the minimum Things or Person in my compositions….I like moody pictures and B&W of course, and it is for this I compose and frame my shots for giving some shapes and structures…. Nothing very new !!!

But the difference now, is I don’t shoot for shooting…. And more important again, I present only a few pictures that I truly like, technically and “artistically” speaking… For me, what you show and propose to others is like a bit of your soul.

A last thing about my motivation on the Photography:  Finally, even if I am a little “wolf”… I am very glad to share my passion and pictures with some Person which are important and very interesting to me…
Speaking with someone about things and passion which are interesting for both is I think the Key of the Life …

48 thoughts on “Featured Photographer: hughf.

  1. Michael Sin says:

    Hello Hughf, I truly enjoy reading your life from your images. They are very artistic and they induce a message with great impact in my heart. Congratulations on finding a passion.

    And thanks Peter for the introduction! You have a great post and I also love that life’s little moments as it captures what we encounter everyday! That’s real photography to me!

    Michael Sin

    • hughf says:

      Hello Michael,

      firstly thank you very much for this comment really appreciated !!!
      I am very glad to read Your reaction about this post and that you share a bit of this sensibility…

      PS: I am very Proud to have been represented by this Man who is Peter .

      Best regards.


  2. cidereye says:

    Really nice read and photos. Especially liked the picture of the jogger, really is clever.

    • hughf says:

      Hello !!!

      Oooh! What ‘s appened…I was sure to have let You a reply 😉
      Sorry again… With some late but a lot sincerity: Thank You very much for theses Words and comment truly appreciated….And the jogger is one of my Fav as well !

      With my Best Regards.


  3. edward48 says:

    Thank you Peter for this very well deserved feature. It’s great to see a photographer who also works at a day job for six days a week, yet still manages to produce such consistantly interesting work.


    • hughf says:

      HEY !!! Mike,

      your Words mean a lot to me my Friend…
      And it is really kind of you for passing by here with this comment always truly appreciated …
      It was a Magical connection with Peter !!!
      Thank You very much Dear Mike .

      All my Best .


  4. agplatt says:

    I just love this. The words combined with the images brought out some emotions from deep inside of me, perhaps that feeling of vulnerability which makes me feel alive.

    Thank you.

    • hughf says:

      Hello Dear Guy,

      it is a great surprise to Have You here on this Post and with the comment You have done on… I am very glad to read your comment and to feel You share a bit of this history… I am very moved by Your Words and I wanted to thank You very much for this…

      Hope that all your Family and Yourself are very well…

      Best Regards.


      PS: I am very proud to have been represented by this Man who is Peter !!! Our Friend.

  5. Laki says:


    This is more than deserved, Hugues is one of the few photographers who is constantly showing up with wonderful photos. Wonderful in an emotional and exceptional way, wonderfully technically executed.

    With all my respect

    • hughf says:

      HeHe Laki !!! Dear Laki,

      what a pleasure my Friend !!! You could not make me a better comment 😀
      I respect a lot your Photography as well… And I share the same passion than You about this hobby as well I guess…

      Thank You Laki !!! For this constant support truly appreciated .



      PS: I am very proud to have been represented by this Man who is Peter .

  6. Thank you Peter and Hughf, for posting these wonderful images, they are artistic, honest and display the best elements of photography.

    Alain G

    • hughf says:

      Hello Alain,

      I am very glad and I enjoy very much this comment !!! Theses Words are very encouraging and make me fell better !!! 😀
      I want to Thank You very much for stoping by here and for this written…

      Best Regards.


      PS: I am very proud to have been represented by this Man who is Peter.

  7. Mark says:

    Simply Stunning!!!

    Thank you Hugues, and to Peter for bringing this to us. I really like the format presented.

    Congratulations to you both on your fine work.


    • hughf says:

      MAaaaaarrkkk !!!

      Hello dear Friend,

      it is a true pleasure to read this comment from You . I am very happy You have liked this type of Photography and want to Thank You very much for stoping by here 😉

      All the Best.


      PS: as for You, Peter have been and is very inspiring by his wonderfull Pictures…
      Very proud to be represented by our Friend !!!

  8. Great and wonderfully fresh shots of a famously photographed city!

    • hughf says:

      Dear Donald,

      I would like to Thank You very much for this comment truly appreciated from You !
      And Yes…Paris is an amayzing City !!!

      Best Regards.


  9. gmlane says:

    Dear Hughes,

    Such a profound and simply beautiful exhibit of your photography and life. Your honesty is touching and your photography inspirational. Thank you for sharing your work and thank Peter for this wonderful site and featuring you. A bientot, mon ami.


    • hughf says:

      My Dear Georges !!!

      It is a true pleasure to have You here…Your Words mean a lot to me and i want to thank You so Much for this comment always very much appreciated my Friend .

      I hope that You are very well with all Your Family…

      Thanks again to Peter as well….

      My Best .


  10. Prosophos says:

    Dear Hugues,

    You deserve all the recognition you have garnered… you are a true gentleman, my friend.

    As an aside, thank you to everybody who has taken the time to comment!


  11. limmengwei says:

    Dear Hughes and Peter,

    Your passion in photography has saved not only yourself, but maybe to your surprise, it has saved many others as well and I am gladly one of them. Your photography is truly an art because it transcends beyond just technical competency. Your sharing has enriched/inspired me in many ways and I really like your reflective approach. It’s such a wonderful way to explore the meaning of life through photography and text.

    Again, thank you both for the sharing. Best regards, Lim

    • Prosophos says:

      Dear Lim,

      This is really Hugues’ spotlight but since you addressed both of us in your comment I feel compelled to write and thank you from the very core of my heart.

      Such a beautiful sentiment… a truly generous gift you’ve given and it will remain with me.


    • hughf says:

      Dear Lim,

      what may I say more than what Peter said before with his Words…
      That I am very moved by Your comment and very glad to see that a Person like you are, let a lot of his sensibility on this post….

      I would like to say You Thank You very much for stoping by here and for theses words for Peter and myself…

      Enjoy Your passion as well…

      With my Best Regards.


  12. Jeroen says:

    Dear Hugues, beautiful images:-)!! Truly artistic and you have a great eye for composition! Also very nice to see that you included two shot of the beautiful city of Amsterdam, my home town:-)!

    Thank you for sharing!!

    Best, Jeroen

    • hughf says:

      Dear Jeroen,

      My true pleasure…very honoured to see You have liked a bit of my ” Eye ” ;-)…
      And That Amsterdam ( wich is a Beautifull City ) is represented on this Post .
      Thank You very much for your comment wich is very much appreciated.

      My Best regards.


  13. greg says:

    Let me add my brief congratulations to Hugues and Peter for this lovely post. Both of you, I think, are proof that empathy is born of vulnerability. Thank you, both.

    • hughf says:

      Dear Greg ,

      Your ” brief congratulations ” are very welcome 😀
      I share totaly what You say …. And I want to thank You very much for this comment very much apprecited.

      Best Regards.


  14. Luiz Paulo says:

    Hugues, congratulations on your work — very beautiful, strong composition.

    Best, Luiz Paulo

    • hughf says:

      Hello Dear Luiz,

      what a pleasure to read a comment from You…Thank You so much for theses very much encouraging Words.

      My Best to all the Family.


  15. Leo says:

    Dear Friend Hugues, I hope all is well with you and yours. I want you to know that your superb b&w images of the essence of life on the streets of Paris have been a special treat for me to enjoy over the many months. What I like best about your image making is that you are not afraid to step outside the box before hitting the shutter button. 🙂

    My Very Best,

    • hughf says:

      Aahhhrgg Emil,

      what a comment my Friend !!! I am very moved by your feeling about my Pictures…
      I am very often in the emergency…I walk and walk again….And think about my life and how I can found the inspiration…And sometime like by a “magical spirit” there is this declic wich gives to me the moment of the decision…Very often lately I return to my Home with 6 or 7 shots maxi…And I decid to Keep one only…But it is not the SHOT….So I try again and again…And BOUM !!! I have one picture that I enjoy and I proud of it….
      Emil, Again thank You so much for your constant and very much appreciated support !!!

      My Best to You and Yours as well…


      PS: Again Thanks to Peter for this Beautifull presentation of some of my favs on His truly great Website

  16. jasonehowe says:

    Hugues, inspirational and touching images. They resonate with passion and honesty, bravo.

    Thank you so much to you both for sharing these.

    Kind regards


    • hughf says:

      Hello Dear Jason,

      I know some of Your Work From LFI….And I truly enjoy your Pictures as well 😉
      Your Words mean a lot and are much appreciated !!! Thank You Jason 😀
      Hope this is a great time for shooting for You .

      Best Regards.


      PS: A new Time, thanks very much To Peter for His Work on this Post…But also for the presentation and Pictures on His Website each Day….

  17. Great shots – some very imaginative angles and ideas in all the images.

    • hughf says:

      Hello zonjineko,

      i am very glad to read that You have liked this post and the images on…

      Thank You very much 😀 Much appreciated.



  18. Matthew D says:

    Hugues, these are great shots–somehow a sensibility shines through, especially when combined with your thoughtful monologue. These are inspiring to someone who, like you, has very limited time to explore with a camera. I hope to get to your level eventually; I’m trying and enjoying it, and enjoying seeing pics like yours, along the way.

    Peter, thank you for posting these–they definitely deserve to be seen.

    • hughf says:

      Hello Dear Matthew,

      firstly, thank you for the interest you have taken to post this …. I am also very touched by your words … Always very encouraging! Now, if your passion for Photography is really strong, even with little time and you can gotta improve … Once the technique has “no secrets” for you, you focus on the things you have around you and trying to highlight with your sensitivity to create an image that represents a part of your soul …
      Get the pleasure to present something that looks like you and touch your heart … Finally touch ours.
      Thank you again for your passage on the exellent site, my friend Peter …



  19. Mads Pallesen says:

    Hughf, just wanted to chime in and say, that I was deeply touched by your story told so wonderfully through your pictures and words. Very emotional and real.

    Your photos convey so much emotion and mood – and you have a great style to your photography.

    If I ever manage to take pictures of artistic quality remotely close yours and Peter’s, I will be very proud.

    All the best,

    • hughf says:

      Hello dear Mads,

      I can’t to be more please by your reaction and feeling…I am very touched by your so kind words as well ! I think that it is the reaction I would like to bring to You with this type of Post… And our Friend Peter has done a Beautifull presentation of my person as well …

      Thank You so Much Mads.

      PS: I don’t know what is your photography… But, If I may give to You one advice :
      DO IT with Your Deep Heart… And the rest is going to be quite good for sure…


  20. Vivian says:

    really inspiring photos!! thanks for sharing with us.

    • hughf says:

      Dear Vivian,

      Many thanks for stoping by here and for this comment….Truly appreciated !!!!

      Thanks to Peter as well 😉

      My Best regards.


  21. cedric muscat says:

    Hugues a wonderful set of images presented here and I enjoyed looking at them and taking some inspiration. Keep up your love of photography and I hope life will be kind to you!

  22. […] Faye is both a dear friend and an inspirational photographer whom I greatly admire.  In fact, Hugues was the first featured photographer on Prosophos.com, and I am fortunate — once again — to be hosting his […]

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