Featured Photographer: Luiz Paulo.

Guest Post, Inspiration, Q&A


↑Luiz Paulo (photo courtesy of his daughter :)).

“…I try to find the appeal of the simplest things…”

—Luiz Paulo.


Luiz Paulo



39 years old. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Still lives and works in the “big city”.   Since college (ad school) has been working in photography.  First job at Kodak.  Nowadays works with his brother doing everything related to still imaging mainly for advertisement and print ads — illustrating, retouching, and even photographing.

Cameras and lenses.

Leica M9P.  Leica 28mm Summicron ASPH, 28mm Elmarit ASPH, 35mm Summilux ASPH and 50mm Summilux ASPH.

What’s important.

“Those who I care about, love, and respect… “

Interesting fact.

“I have a big scar on my neck [from a childhood accident]. My daughter says she wants a scar too…”



Almost a year ago, Luiz Paulo did me the honour of gracing Prosophos.com with his images, thereby providing this site’s first Guest Post.

Luiz‘s Muse is quite obviously his beautiful young daughter, who appears in almost every one of his photographs.   What struck me then, and continues to resonate with me now, is the Alice in Wonderland-like quality found in his work:  each image is seemingly fashioned with a whimsical dusting of make-believe and a real sense of expectation.  Overall, there is a surreal quality to each meticulously crafted frame that leaves the viewer feeling not only as if he/she is viewing a series of stunning photographs, but is also turning the pages of some wondrous and magical story-book.

So sit back, relax, and be prepared to be taken to an enchanted world… a world inhabited by one lovely little girl — and an extremely gifted photographer/story-teller.



Q&A with Luiz Paulo.

What motivated (and still motivates) you to pick up a camera?

“To tell stories — letting the opportunities drive my frames.”

What do your images “say” about you?

“It’s hard to describe it for your own images. The picture has to tell you what happened and let you imagine forward. But I think my work presented here is very personal and reveals what is important to me and how I feel about it.”

How have you evolved as a photographer/artist over the years?

“For my personal work I try to find the appeal of the simplest things surrounding me, the pure, the genuine — the Life’s Little Moments, if I may use this lovely expression… :)”

Any further comments about your work you’d like to share?

“I’m very grateful for this opportunity. Sharing is intrinsic to all us; a way not only to show possibilities but also an exercise to learn through opinions. I do know I have to learn. I’m still doing it and hope I always will.”



Images courtesy Luiz Paulo.














My sincere gratitude to Mr. Luiz Paulo for generously sharing his wonderful work.



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27 thoughts on “Featured Photographer: Luiz Paulo.

  1. Hi Luiz,

    I remember your images from the first post of yours.

    I really do love these images of you daughter. So many of them are outstanding, they warm my heart looking at them.

    The one in the rain, the staircase, the one preceding the staircase, and the last two are images i will look at repeatedly.


    1. Guy,

      You mentioned one thing I like while sharing pictures — not identifying exactly what happened. The one in the rain wasn’t exactly in the rain… the water sprays were so strong that became like a rain… And meanwhile she looks like posing it was just natural, her joy playing with the drops. 🙂

      Thank you,

  2. Well Luiz that real life story book I just had the privilege of looking through is certainly a beautiful one. The story of you and your daughter.

    Thank you for sharing.


  3. Hello Peter, Thanks again to introduce Luiz. Absolutely fairy-like images.

    Hello Luiz, they are lovely images. I can associate with your love of your daughter through your images. They are just great expression of your love. I had an 8-year-old daughter as well & nearly 80% of my photography are done with her as my subject. Daughter is great to father and I enjoy every moment with her. Keep up with your best work!

    BTW, M9 B&W is really quite nice!!


    1. Michael,

      Your association makes me very happy — when pictures speak for themselves…

      Wish all the best for you and your daughter,

  4. Luiz, a very nice, very heart warming and very cohesive collection of images. Your love for your daughter is very evident and so is your discerning eye as a photographer. For me, your processing style really shows the film like (subtle) qualities that the M9 is capable of and that razor sharpness and hyper detail are not always needed.

    It is also obvious you consistently enjoy ‘great light’ in Brazil…..envy!

    Keep up the great work. Your chosen tools and skills are serving you very well.


    1. Jason,

      I think you’re so right — sometimes razor sharpness are not needed. The one with my daughter eyes through the windows is shaken (very) but it doesn’t matter. 🙂


  5. Dear Peter, dear Luiz !

    What a pleasure to rediscover and discover these treasures!

    With photos submitted by our friend Peter, photos of children, your children, and what children! I’m a big slap!
    Luiz, really well done for all your work!

    Many inteligence, sensitivity … Very impressive!

    I am amazed by so consistently … What a pleasure to see a real signature, behind these beautiful photos …

    Also, it’s really nice to see so much love between a father and daughter!

    And it is very contagious!

    Very sincerely, a big Bravo, Luiz!

    Thank you to Peter for his generosity …

    Warm Regards to Both.


    PS: these images are stunning … They are magnified by the joy and beauty of your daughter …

    1. Dear Hugues,

      You have no idea how happy am I when read so positive and kind words.

      Thank you so much and warm regards to you too!

    2. BTW, I have to say as you’ve mentioned (totally honestly): your photos, like Peter’s, are ones of the few I can identify having its own signature.

  6. Thank you once again, dear Luiz, for sharing your beautiful images with us.

    For those of you who haven’t had the privilege of communicating with Mr. Paulo, I’d like to mention that Luiz — in addition to being a gifted photographer — is a real gentleman.


  7. Hi Luiz & Peter

    It’s great to see your images here, thoroughly deserved.

    The way in which Peter has so eloquently described your images left me nodding in agreement, such an accurate description. Truly, truly beautiful shots and the most amazing memories to cherish forever.

    Congratulations to you both.

    Your friend


    1. Thank you so much my friend Jason.

      It’s real pleasant to hear a truly opinion from who knows about photography.

      My best,

  8. Hi Luiz,
    Your pictures are so natural, full of love & innocence. The light and shades are just amazing, totally fairy-like images. Best wishes.

    Thank you Peter for introducing the great talents.
    Have a nice week ahead.

  9. I’ve been wrestling a couple of days with registering a comment on these wonderful images. Then today, I came across a quote from Joyce Carol Oates about the distinction between poetry and prose. Without recording the whole quote, she likened prose to a discourse directed to the listener, something articulate and shared. Poetry, on the other hand, she suggested, was about ellipsis (from the Greek elleipein: to leave out) and therefore an utterance both allusive and idiosyncratic, overheard by the listener.

    If, as it seems to me, photographs can, in some sense, be similarly divided, these seem to be of the poetic variety, as do so many of Peter’s. These images seem a bit elusive. They do not proceed by reasoning, but by intuition and allusion. In this sense, they are not directed to a viewer, but are merely visually overheard.

    Both men are able in simple everyday events to find an angle (like the doorway shot above) or a moment (C’s half hidden laugh the other day) that are open ended, that invite the viewer to find some meaning or story within him/her self to carry it forward, to make it their own. Their styles are different, but the end result is the same, as with a good poem, their images become, in some small but real way, a part of you.

    Thank you gentlemen. It’s a privilege and a joy…

    1. Greg,

      Your words reach directly in my soul. I couldn’t never be enough grateful for so pure reverence. I believe this makes the great joy of share, above all, feelings.


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