6 thoughts on “The Portrait at the Gate.

  1. There is so much to like in this photo, some of it planned, some, no doubt, happenstance. The framing of the gate has just enough edge light to separate the metal from the subject. The subject’s forceful gaze asks us: “Why are you here?” Good question. The right hand completes the gesture of the left. The splash of hair light separates the subject from the strong vertical lines on each side of the frame. The lines pull us forward to a mysterious background with just enough detail to engage us without providing answers. What an intriguing story in this image. Wonder what it is? Thanks, Mel

  2. Oh this is excellent. Can I ask you about the the 50mm dual range? Do you find it a little too heavy as an every day lens? I see the weight is almost exactly the same as a 50mm lux asph.

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