Enlarged prints are the final arbiter of image quality.

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Earlier today, I second-guessed the image quality arising from my digital vs. film cameras so I decided to do something that has always helped clarify things for me:  print the images in a semi-large format (in this case 12 x 18 inches).

The verdict:  both the digital and film files look very good.  I’m sticking to both formats.

The Nikon D850, in particular, really shines when it comes to producing pleasing prints.  The files are exceptional.

The real shocker for me was the quality of the files arising from the sometimes-maligned Nikon 58/1.4G.  My goodness!  Despite what the objective tests involving brick walls show, the colours and perceived sharpness in the prints from the 58/1.4G are better than what I used to get from the highly regarded Sigma 50/1.4 Art.  Take that DxO!




8 thoughts on “Enlarged prints are the final arbiter of image quality.

  1. Who did your printing, or what printer / paper do you use?
    Also, I’m interested in your experience with the Plustek. Let me know if you have time to offer your opinions.

    1. I send the files to my local Costco. The one nearest to us has a large imaging department with excellent staff and their equipment is top-notch. I also like the fact that the online form gives me the option to print the files as I’ve processed them, rather than have “auto” settings applied. It’s a simple check-box.

      As for the Plustek 8200, I’ve always loved the 35mm film Plustek scanners. Small footprint, more than decent scanning. I even like the fact that I have to manually push the slider through it… it’s one less thing to break down.

  2. How long since you’ve made an optical print? I myself have not made very many, which I regret. The last one I made was in the ’90s – a b&w print from an Ektar 125 negative. It worked okay.

    And have you tried the Lamba system? I’d love to know your thoughts on that. I rather like the idea of a hybrid workflow – shoot on film, scan, print to silver paper with a laser. I would never buy an inkjet print from a gallery but YMMV.

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