4 thoughts on “Spring has sprung in Toronto!

  1. Good stuff Peter. I’m really having a hard time with my 58mm. I’m at +20 on adjustment and just can’t trust the thing. I had a good week with it, put am terrified to use it on a paying gig. Any ideas?

    1. Sorry to hear that Dave. Your current situation mirrors my previous experience with this lens. I couldn’t trust it, so I sold it.

      The current copy I have, together with the D850, has required zero adjustment. Still, I tend to photograph with it at f/2 (as opposed to f/1.4), for several reasons ― more reliable AF performance when slightly stopped down being one of them. But even at f/1.4 I generally can trust my current set-up.

      On a related note, I’ve often wondered whether the previous 58/1.4 I owned was just fine and that perhaps it was my D810 that couldn’t keep up. I know the D850 has been more reliable — with all of my lenses — with respect to AF.

      Bottom line: if you can’t rely on your set-up, you’re wise not to use it for paying jobs.

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