Winter Blues.

2018, Favourite, Inspiration, Nikon, Nikon 28mm f/1.4E, Nikon D850, Portrait, Q&A, Teaching point, Within 200 feet of My House™

This was photographed with the D850 resting on the floor and in live view, with the back LCD angled up for easy viewing.  In this mode, touching the screen will initiate autofocus and then the shutter will automatically release… silently.

It’s a well-known feature in the D850 but this is the first time I’ve tried it.

Many find Nikon‘s implementation of all this to be slow (relative to mirrorless cameras), but it’s quite usable for this sort of image.  It’s certainly useful in quiet venues where silent operation is desired.

However, I wouldn’t think of using it to photograph sports, flying monkeys, or the aerosolized droplets of a sneeze.


↑ Nikon D850 + Nikon 28mm f/1.4 E.

5 thoughts on “Winter Blues.

  1. lovely photograph …I have the first 28 f1.4 Nikkor & it is among my favorite F mount lenses …I find one can frame & then hand hold the camera low without using the VF works quite well with wide angle lenses once you know their FOV …learned this trick shooting with RF cameras, which I still prefer for such

    1. Thank you Arthur. The old Nikkor 28/1.4 was always on my wish list to try, but I never had the pleasure. I assume this latest one, like all newer lenses, performs better optically so now the desire is not as strong. Still, those old Nikkors were built to impressive standards, and they had aperture rings (unlike the new lenses).

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