12 thoughts on “Christmas Elf.

  1. Hi, first of all I have to say that your site & photos are very good for inspiration…Today I was in a Camera Shop to compare a D810 with a Df. Sad that they only have a D810 to try.
    You also tried both – which one do you think has the better color output (I like the colors in your Df photos more, are they post processed?) The look and size of the Df I prefer more (and the D810 would be the (technical) better camera, and has the 5:4 and 1.2 crop.
    I will use it with 35 and 50mm.
    It should be a digital addition to my Makina 67.

    Thanks for your answer!
    Best Wishes, Gerry

    1. Thank you Gerry for the nice message.

      I liked the colours from the Df sensor – more so than any recent Nikon/Sony cameras. However, I think I prefer the D810 colours. It’s too early for me to tell for sure. My guess is that most people would find both pleasing. On a related note, the skin tones form the Df and D810 are nice.

      And yes, I do process my images. Be careful therefore before drawing any conclusions about the colour. Most of my recent images are first attempts with the D810; also I have been photographing in sub-optimal lighting conditions.

      1. Thanks Peter.
        Glad to here that both cameras can handle skin tones very well.
        I hope I can try both cameras next week in another shop, and then I will see. Funny that I have used nearly the same cameras than you (M8/9, Pentax 645D, Sigma). I think the Nikon could be the best of the two worlds:-)
        – Gerry

    1. Thank you.

      I haven’t used the 1.8, but the character of the two lenses is different. The 1.4 is more suitable (in my opinion) for close-up environmental portraiture.

      And given I photograph in dark environments half of the year, I can use all of the help I can get directing more light on to the sensor.

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