17 thoughts on “A Christmas Scene.

  1. Merry Christmas!

    What’s your current standing on the Leica M9/E vs the Nikon 810? Which one would you keep if you had to choose? Which one do you find better for which situations? And which lenses?

    I own both and am feeling very curious about your esperiences and thoughts. And finally both over film?


        1. You’re right! If I had to pick one to keep, it would be the D810. If I had to pick my favourite, it would be the M9.

          It’s all academic anyway, as I’ve already made my choice: right now, I’m without any Leica camera or lens.

          1. Wow! That takes guts! Congratulations!

            Where/how do you sell your cameras? I should downsize as well… Just not sure how to proceed. eBay?

  2. Actually Peter a question re light here. You have gone for what seems a very low setting on the flash to just fill in the floor and bring Honey “out” and the christmas tree detail and assume you have used a diffuser (but perhaps not). Is that the case?

    1. Andrew, I’m going to do a substitution of the image in a second, for one that was taken a few moments prior. The lighting and processing are slightly different. The technical parameters remain the same are also slightly different.

    2. In answer to your question, the flash was manually set at a very low setting and bounced off the ceiling. The whole point of it was to preserve the interior mood (i.e., not make it look like a flash was used) while preventing the window scene from “blowing out”. If you search my previous images of similar scenes, the outside window details are often lost.

      1. Thanks for that Peter. Very effective and absolutely necessary due to those wonderful big windows. Thanks for clarification where you had the flash directed….was curious most about that.

  3. I keep coming back to take a peek at this image. The wider angle lens used here “sets” the setting, the light sparkles and a sweet, tender (almost melancholy, too?) story is told. Again.

    Your recent postings have been great. I am happy you are enjoying the new equipment. Your unique talent and vision continue to shine through.

    It is December. I am hoping for more winter-time images from your marvelous stained glass windows.

    Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, well done, and best wishes for continued well-doing.

    1. Thank you Karen. I keep coming back to this one too. I believe it will be one of my favourites this year, though I no longer bother with year-end compilations.

      And yes, those stained glass windows! I’m trying to avoid them if I can… chasing away the melancholy. But they’ll pull me back eventually 😉

      I hope you are well, and don’t be a stranger as I always look forward to your thoughtful reflections.

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