2 thoughts on “Girl Power 2.

  1. I come from China, very like your photos, and I am also the leica user.Before I have M9, now replaced by M240, because I have to take landscape EVF.I rarely see you currently M240, basically M9. How the perception of the two, M9 although color is great for me, but the utilization rate is very low. And recently used M240, feel the taste of CMOS and CCD is different.

    1. Hi David, thank you for your comment.

      I much prefer the CCD sensor of the M9 to the CMOS sensor of the M240. I believe history will show that the M9 will be appreciated long after the M240 has been replaced by subsequent models. The only advantages of the M240 have to do with improvements to the body and processing speed. Where it counts, in image quality, I prefer the M9.

      You may not be aware of this, but I wrote an open letter to Leica about this, years ago, that is still signed by photographers every week, despite the fact that I haven’t posted about it for a while:




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