My wife, the “cover girl”.

I found out from Getty Images today that this image of mine was licensed, this time for a French book:

Getty lexercice-de-la-medecine-700

For all of us obsessing about Leica lenses, it is worth noting this image was taken with a Voigtländer.



18 thoughts on “My wife, the “cover girl”.

  1. Warren Maas says:

    Congratulations! Had you not mentioned the lens, would anyone have known?

  2. bijansabet says:

    Congratulations. Lovely photograph



  3. karen says:

    Mazel Tov! 🙂 No secret on this website that she is cover material. It really is a beautiful image.

  4. mewanchuk says:

    Ha ha! Beautiful!

    Congratulations to you both!


  5. Luiz Paulo says:

    Congratulations! Hope generation after generation Prosophos Family perpetuates yours pictures.

  6. A.Hackauf says:

    votre vocation est evidente 🙂

  7. gmlane says:

    Congratulations Peter. It’s a wonderful image, but then again, you have taken so many wonderful images of your wife.

  8. Pi says:

    Nicely done

    Does make you LOL about the lens though.

  9. andygemmell says:

    Very nice image Peter. Congrats.

  10. greg g49 says:

    Formidable! (Which in my meager French translates loosely to “Cool!”)

  11. Congratulations! This is probably going to happen more often.

  12. Thank you everybody for your congratulations. It’s nice to see an image of mine from a few years ago live on, beyond the confines of a family album or my computer hard drive.

    I actually remember where we were walking when I captured this moment.

    A camera really is a time machine, though we can only travel to the past with it.

    • Karen says:

      Another way to have your images live on, beyond the confines of a family album or your computer hard drive, would be something called a book. This is something usually manufactured with paper pages bound together. A wide variety of paper, binding techniques, and reproduction methods are used. Perhaps you have seen one or two or more of these. Some photographers/artists/authors include images created in distant lands and some include images from not too many yards from home. Some do both. 🙂 Just keeping the book dream alive……..My favorite book with one of your images on the cover will be the one with many more of them inside, too. Have a wonderful weekend. And my condolences regarding the Blue Jays division championship loss. I was rooting for them, too.

      • Regarding your book comments: very, very amusing my dear Karen. I knew where you were going immediately!

        One day, maybe there will be a book. It won’t be me doing it though.

        Regarding the Jays, well, the better team one. I can’t begrudge the Royals.

  13. Henry says:

    Congrats…beautiful picture.

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