18 thoughts on “My wife, the “cover girl”.

  1. Thank you everybody for your congratulations. It’s nice to see an image of mine from a few years ago live on, beyond the confines of a family album or my computer hard drive.

    I actually remember where we were walking when I captured this moment.

    A camera really is a time machine, though we can only travel to the past with it.

    1. Another way to have your images live on, beyond the confines of a family album or your computer hard drive, would be something called a book. This is something usually manufactured with paper pages bound together. A wide variety of paper, binding techniques, and reproduction methods are used. Perhaps you have seen one or two or more of these. Some photographers/artists/authors include images created in distant lands and some include images from not too many yards from home. Some do both. 🙂 Just keeping the book dream alive……..My favorite book with one of your images on the cover will be the one with many more of them inside, too. Have a wonderful weekend. And my condolences regarding the Blue Jays division championship loss. I was rooting for them, too.

      1. Regarding your book comments: very, very amusing my dear Karen. I knew where you were going immediately!

        One day, maybe there will be a book. It won’t be me doing it though.

        Regarding the Jays, well, the better team one. I can’t begrudge the Royals.

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