Nikon, Pentax, Sony.

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Nikon, Pentax, Sony

I had an opportunity to handle a Nikon D810, a Pentax 645Z, and a Sony A7RII yesterday.

Previously, I’ve owned a D800E, a 645D, and an A7s, so I was familiar — in a general sense — with each manufacturer’s offerings.

Ultimately, I had abandoned all of those last generation models, for one reason or another.

Care to guess which one of the latest generation offerings I found the most desirable?  The least?


16 thoughts on “Nikon, Pentax, Sony.

  1. Pentax best, Sony Least. Guessing Pentax as it is MF so gives a closer look to that which you love from your M. Sony least as it is almost a computer first, camera second (I love my A7x cameras but I am a geek so the computer nature is not something that bothers me).

    1. KenOH says:
      “…but I am a geek so the computer nature is not something that bothers me).”

      LOL. Have to emphasize the Sony as “computer first” observation, as it’s unfortunately still true. Too bad, because this camera ticks a lot of boxes. The other thing that surprised me was the lens mount. Its construction seems a little flimsy, whereas most cameras at this price point are more robust in their build.

      1. Plus, and this is gonna sound weird but I assume you saw it too.

        The EVF “upgrade”, while nice for mainstream use, is rotten for manual focussing M lenses compared to the A7 mk I.

  2. I was surprised by the “relative” low cost of the Pentax 645Z system (both body and lenses). Given the price of most high-end 35mm gear these days, the 645Z looks like a huge IQ bag for the buck…

  3. Hi Peter thought you’d like this, loads of interest. This is a database of Pixel Pitch and Pixel Area along with señor size. It seems to me your preference is directly related to Pixel area. i.e natural dynamic range vs computor signal boost. you can call up different models top right.

    1. That’s a nice comparison tool, Sean… I clicked on the link and explored the site a little bit after seeing your comment, and it’s interesting to see how the various cameras stack up. I don’t know if that completely accounts for what my eyes perceive, but there may be truth to what you’re saying. Thanks!

  4. I have been thinking a lot this week about the Leica SL, the Sony A7RII, future cameras… compromises at the bleeding edge.

    Somehow, strangely, I ended up buying a 50mm Summicron type II rigid instead. Funny, these trains of thought. When it gets home in a day or two the M bodies are going to fight over it. I’ll let them decide. I shall just be happy to ‘see’ with it.

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