The new Leica SL (Sony-Like).

Leica SL

Ouch.  This might actually kill the company.

Is there anybody left at Leica doing “reality checks” during company meetings?


19 thoughts on “The new Leica SL (Sony-Like).

  1. AG says:

    If I want a giant SLR I’ll buy a Nikon

  2. bijansabet says:

    It’s truly a heartbreaker.

    I don’t understand how the very same company can produce beautiful things like the Leica M-A and M9 and then decide to ship the SL.

  3. Pi says:

    I don’t know who they are targeting I can’t see too many M users upgrading in fact I think the M cameras will hold their prices for a long while.

    • Pi says:

      Just read the Thein and Reid reviews, I have to admit it does look impressive IQ out of the zoom lens is awesome for a zoom. Just wish it was cheaper.

  4. I think it’s going to do very well. The only flaw: that stupid SLR-like EVF. The Q had it so right: the VF belongs in the corner, stupid!

    But it’s ready to go, straight off the bat. Two f/2.8-4 zooms that can pretty much cover anything. That standard zoom is quite useful, having focal lengths from 24-90mm. And I think if anyone whinges that it’s ‘only’ f/4 at 90mm, they are just complaining for nothing.

    I suppose one might ask, why this when there is the Sony A7? I guess I have no answer.

  5. mewanchuk says:

    I want to hate this camera, but, so far, the images I have seen of it (Kristian Dowling) and with it (Jono Slack, Ming Thein) look fairly beautiful.

    That being said, I just cannot get over the price (!!), and the planned lens selection.

    I certainly don’t plan to buy one, but it could end up surprising a lot of people!

  6. hilminson says:

    Leica is definitely loosing touch with our needs. The worst part is that this camera is that much off of what I want that I can’t bother to complain about this camera in detail. It’s not for me and never will be. I feel that most people being interested before the official release think alike. Hopefully, the company will survive.

  7. Linden says:

    It’s the least pretty camera they have made – at least judging by the pictures.

    But it’s not designed for the core M user, so I won’t judge it from an M perspective, but rather as an alternative for the A7, and DSLRs. I think it’s bold of them to go after the premium end of the full frame mirrorless market, and on paper there are some great features on the SL. There are also weaknesses which may make the package-for-price not succeed. Let’s see.

    I cannot predict if this will succeed or fail for Leica, so I don’t know about the ‘reality check’. Time will tell us one way or the other. But I really wish them well with it.

  8. Leonardo says:

    As a proud Leica M owner, had the same bad feeling once I saw this announcement. However, after reading some opinions in a few different websites I have noticed that there is actually a niche for this camera.

    Some “pro” photographers (studio, sports, wedding, etc) that are stuck to their DSLRs for a long time and bored to death with the lack of innovation, this camera may have its appeal. The blazing fast, big, bright, high resolution EVF this camera is promissing is also something we don’t every day.

    As always, the price tag of $7500 (body only) is unbearable for the common folk, but hey, if it wasn’t that expensive it wouldn’t be a Leica 🙂

  9. efix says:

    My thoughts exactly, Peter. What would’ve been so wrong about a mid-range model priced well below the M240, without rangefinder but with the same sensor and a very good EVF? THAT would’ve been a camera many might’ve shelled out some $3k for. But THIS? No thanks, I’ll stick with my A7, even though the sensor doesn’t work well with symmetrical wide-angle lens designs.

  10. Alexis says:

    @AG it’s not at all an SLR competitor, it’s an A7 competitor in all points, but the fact is Sony is already on this segment, and they do it very well, even if Panasonic is supplying the video side on this one which is rather obvious, i’m not sure why Leica would launch this product… we still have to see about the video quality but i have to say i don’t really get it…

  11. andygemmell says:

    I think it could be a great camera…if you like them big! Ming Thein feels it was too large and the grip is not well thought out, unlike the DSLRs for a camera of this weight. Which is a shame because it undoes the good work they have done on the inside of the camera.

    No problem with M lenses but why bother? Use an M or a cheaper and higher spec A7rii.

    Those native zooms are monsters and weigh over 1kg. I love the concept. Also the next zoom is not out until northern hemisphere summer and 50mm prime in a years time!!

    It could go well….who knows? If you value the life long continuation of M cameras…lets hope it does well!

    I also think this camera makes the Q look good value if looking for a travel camera.

  12. Pierre says:

    I fear a repeat of the R disaster.

  13. This camera is not meant to compete with the M nor the Sony A7. I believe it is the promised body for those that still have a stable of R lenses and a second body option for the S owner. It just happens to have a new lens line that will provide modern auto functions. Then to appease every other Leica owner you can mount every lens Leica has ever made.

    Icing on the cake with the new lens line is awesome weather proofing.

    I’m more interested in the advances they’ve designed in this body to see what shows up in the next M.

  14. Juha says:

    ^ +1 what Duane said. This is not meant to be A7 competition or main stream dslr competition. It’s the promised R solution & specialized tool loke the R was, when everybody else were going AF. It’s supposed to be fantastic for manual focus, takes R lenses & S lenses (with AF), has compability for T lenses for upgraders etc etc. And it doesn’t kill you & your computer with monstrous amount of megapixels but rather has enough to rpint big and also to be very nice to hand hold.

    So it’s ticking many boxes just right. Admit the lenses are big, size or other vendors cobstant aperture 2.8 zooms. But with that size & weight comes a Leica no-corners-cut lens design which promises good things.

    So not for most people, but I bet it will still sell plenty. People were doubtful about the S too and it also was slow to get lenses.. now it’s very appreciated system.


  15. Alexis says:

    Many of you are thinking Stills camera, but this camera is much more video oriented than stills, Leica is trying to put its foot in the video door.

  16. I agree with most of the optimistic comments already posted here, but still can’t get over the price.

    If it was a mechanical camera with a 50+ year life expectancy, then the price is in line with what I would expect. But it’s digital. And Leica has already had one huge recall with prior digital models, and most people are finding that about 5-years is the average life for a digital camera that’s pushed hard, regardless of the make (the 5-year mark is what it takes many of the vendors to chew through their surplus supply of replacement parts for warranty servicing, so your actual mileage may vary).

    My expectation with digital is build the bodies to be a LOT more affordable than the glass — because you’re going to refresh the bodies a lot more frequently, like every 3 to 5 years or so. So build good glass and disposable bodies and the photogs will beat a path to your door.

    Ohhh… wait…

    Sony already has that covered. Hmmmm…

  17. Luiz Paulo says:

    Hard to understand this camera / system. If designed as a mini S, at least it would be beautiful.

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