Dandelion (100% crop).

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100% centre crop from a 55-year-old lens that costs less than a Leica lens filter!

(the focus point is right at the centre of the dandelion, and this was shot wide open… I kid you not.)

Dandelion 100% crop

And here is the original image (ISO = 1250, 1/180 sec, aperture = I’m not telling):


Pretty cool, eh?

This is a lens that most Leica shooters would likely never consider.

My guess is that it’s due for a massive price adjustment.


6 thoughts on “Dandelion (100% crop).

  1. Wow….really love the bokeh rendering in this Peter. It’s almost Summilux like. Would be very curious (hint…to see how it renders with a lighter, brighter background and if this remained consistent!

    Contax G 45mm f/2 Planar at a guess? But probably a touch too expensive.

  2. Yeah, well, show me corner performance, then you can impress me. 😛 Having said that, there are lots of undiscovered lenses out there, especially third-party ones. Canon FD optics, superior to EF, are still relatively cheap, for example. Contax Zeiss CY mount lenses are cheap, too, and often cheaper than Nikon equivalents (but don’t tell anyone).

    Once, you put up a challenge to guess which lens you bought. I guessed it, but only because it was easy to narrow down in the first place. This one? I have no idea!

  3. Beautiful black and white photo, this lens renders with a lot of character and a classic feel. Based on the hints you gave on the price point, age and the very shallow DOF, I would guess a Jupiter 3 or Jupiter 9.

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