Boy of Summer, Sombre.

This marks one of the few times I’ve decided to use a flash.


Boy of Sombre, Summer

8 thoughts on “Boy of Summer, Sombre.

  1. Umberto Orsenigo, Milano (Italy) says:

    Wonderful composition!

  2. andygemmell says:

    hughhhh…ghassttt…you own a flash…..well done…a lovely image!

  3. mewanchuk says:

    I think you did a great job here Peter–very apropos for the subject matter. (And no big shadows off the wall, which is impressive!)

    I quite like this.


  4. Lignum Draco says:

    I don’t have a flash for my M9, but there have been circumstances when it would have come in handy. And now a local camera store has started selling them. Which mount-type did you get that works with the Leica?

  5. Henry says:

    As always love your images. Just curious does the high speed sync work with the Nissin i40 and the M? Cheers

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