6 thoughts on “Boys of Summer (handshakes).

  1. Well….this is the best of the series for me Peter. The whole scene, different facial aspects, approaches to the handshake and the overall PP and look of this image.

  2. Agreed, this is also my favourite of the series. What does it most for me is the sky and the ump overlooking the handshake, blurred out in the midst of it.

  3. The end of game handshakes? Don’t underestimate the power of the tradition….within and beyond sporting events. A wonderful photograph of a time honored ritual. Many nuances on display here….eagerness, hesitation, engagement, shyness, indifference, obedience, delight……yup, that’s baseball. And life. Well colored and well created, sir.

  4. I love your photojournalistic approach. It might be a sport but you aren’t limiting yourself to being a sports photographer. There is lots of off-field action which is just as interesting as on-field action.

    It’s almost a cinematic composition – you could almost crop it to the Cinemascope aspect.

  5. Peter, simply stunning! The M9 with its CCD is unique, as well as your work! Thank you for joining it with us!

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