The Prosophos Film Contest.

Inspiration, Leica 24mm Summilux ASPH f/1.4, Q&A

Yes, that’s right, I’m running a contest.

(it’s summer and I’m happy)

The Prosophos Film Contest

The purpose:

I’m giving away 50 rolls of 35mm Kodak Tri-X 400 B&W film (36 frames/roll) to the person who can show me – in a single image – why he/she loves film.

This of course is open to wide interpretation.  In essence, I’m looking for an image that emotionally moves me, because you were inspired by the medium (as well as the subject matter) when you created it.

The rules:

  1. Submissions may be made only after you contact me first via the contact form below (Reason: I don’t want to get spammed by publishing my email address).
  2. Each submitted image must be web-sized – approx (800 – 1100) x (500 – 750) pixels.
  3. The image must have been created by you (it doesn’t matter when – no time restriction).
  4. The image should be shot using film (B&W or colour).

That’s it!

Now, you may have noticed that in the contest image above (taken on my driveway this morning ;)) there are ten rolls to a pack, and there are ten packs, so that should equal 100 rolls of film.  However, 50 of them will automatically be given to my friend  Mark Ewanchuk — just for being a good guy :).

The fine print.

  1. I will have permission to post the winning image on, but you will get full credit and maintain 100% ownership of your image.
  2. The deadline for submissions is at midnight (Toronto time) on September 5, 2013.
  3. Only one submission per contestant.
  4. I will be the judge, and my decision is final.
  5. Offensive images will be disqualifiedWhat’s offensive?  I will decide.

How to collect your prize.

I’ll send it to you via post mail, anywhere in the world.  Or, if you can make your way down to Toronto, I’ll hand-deliver it to you and buy you a cup of coffee 🙂

Let me know if there are any questions, otherwise, let the games begin!

Contact me for permission to send an image:


11 thoughts on “The Prosophos Film Contest.

  1. Hi Peter,

    I’ve just submitted my request for permission stating that T-Max is one my favorite film…that is actually true but Tri-Ex is one my favorites too, haha! 😀


  2. Mark….a good guy…..really ;-).

    In all seriousness, if you ever had a follower of your site Peter that exude’s a passion for film then Mark is the man. Those 50 rolls of film are going into the right hands!! My .20 worth…

  3. Peter and Andrew,

    You guys are making me blush!

    Seriously though…I am honored. Thank you Peter for the film…it should certainly keep me busy for a few days…


    I can’t wait to see the results of the contest.

    All the best,

    1. Mark, as I’ve stated before, I love what you do with the medium. And I know you’ll create beautiful images with this Tri-X. By the way, I can confirm for you that the 50 rolls are on route via Canada Post.

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