11 thoughts on “Drew (Worker #137).

  1. fantastic Peter. Really love this portrait. In a working environment, great depth with the 24mm and a bit of “edge” to it….

  2. I like this!

    The colors and pp are great; And the 24 mm perspective does not really come to mind (for me, anyway…) as a “portrait” lens, so I definitely appreciate what you’ve done here. You must have been quite close! (Like “falling in the hole” close…Or “getting cement on your lens” close!)



    1. Thank you hilminson.

      Well, this shot required about 40 minutes worth of processing, including the initial processing, reviewing on different computer screens, re-processing, repeating, fine-tuning, etc. (as processing in a way that retains a natural look sometimes takes time; other times it only requires a few quick adjustments).

      As I’ve written repeatedly when asked about my processing, trying to convey the “steps” in written form on my site would be extremely time consuming for me and perhaps not very instructive for readers, since every image is processed by me in a different way, depending on the subject matter, light, mood, etc.

      When I was offering one-on-one teaching, post processing instruction was offered too, but I’m no longer teaching. And, I guess, the other thing about digital post-processing is that – in many ways – it represents a modern photographer’s artistic vision. I’ve worked hard to develop that and it’s not something I would want to (even in an abridged fashion) indiscriminately give away. It’s a bit selfish, I know, but I’ve increasingly realized that’s the way I feel – my apologies if this offends any readers.


      1. I think that’s all good. I’d hate for everyone’s pics to start looking like yours! Why give away as you said something that you’ve taken a long time to develop. It would be like Picasso teaching someone how to paint just like him. We all have different styles and what makes photography fun is that we can all do something different.

        Great for you for developing your own signature!

        1. Thanks for understanding guys. I’m not sure if I’ve developed my own post-processing signature as much as I’ve developed an eye for what I believe to be aesthetically acceptable… hopefully the post processing is (most of the time) invisible. That’s my true measure of success in this component of image-creation.

  3. Really nice as always Peter! Interesting your choose of focal lenght, I never thought to get a 24mm with a Leica M, but it makes sense: close to 28mm and one can easily frame, at f/1.4 one is done in any given light situation, plus this lens renders beautifully…

    Talking on how close you’ve got this shoot, may I ask how the minimum focal distace is measured — from the lens’ front element or from the camera’s mount or another place?

    1. Ahh, my good man Luiz, with you on my side I know that I am definitely on the right track! Yes, the 24mm Summilux makes a lot of sense, at least from my perspective.

      I don’t really know the answer to your question, and I’m away from my camera right now. However, when I shoot at the minimum distance, it *does* feel like I’m able to get in closer than I would expect, so that’s a good thing.


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