10 thoughts on “Thrilled, revisited.

  1. lovely photograph. b&w looks great.

    (a bit off topic: do you like your camera bag? i know you bring your camera everywhere with you so thought you might have a possible recommendation for the one camera/one lens or one cam/2 lens outing).

    ps: i bought a noctilux late last week. big adjustment but i’m looking forward to many years of exploration together…..

    1. Congratulations Bijan on getting the Noctilux!

      As I’ve often written, you’ve committed the biggest photographic sin by purchasing it, but selling it would be the second biggest :).

      With regard to camera bags… now you’ve opened a Pandora’s Box. I’d love to learn what everybody else is doing. When I’m out and about, I actually don’t bring along a bag – I’d rather have the camera at the ready. This of course means I do not bring along a second lens.

      When I’m heading to work, I carry it in a Billingham Hadley Pro. When I’m on holiday, I carry it without a bag when at my destination but have a well padded ThinkTank bag to transport it (along with passports, chargers, extra batteries. etc.) through airports, plane rides, etc.

      Hope that helps,


      1. Thanks. You are partly to “blame” (or inspiration!) for my Noctilux purchase. The other is my good friend Nick Bilton who was the devil on my shoulder.

        I have the Hadley Pro bag as well. I bring it work and fits my 13″ MacBook Air, camera and a few misc goodies. I like it a lot but don’t want to carry it on the weekends or on photowalks. Too big.

        I had been carrying my camera “naked” in a Filson small field bag. Love the look and feel of the bag but it doesn’t have any padding and now want to take extra care of my glass beast 🙂

        1. Thank you for letting me know that I am partly to “blame”, as you put it, Bijan. Let me know if you ever want to share your work (and thoughts) on this site (or your link to your Tumblr site) – I’ve seen some of your images and I bet others would be interested too.

  2. Very nice shot Peter!

    I ended up trading my Summilux 24mm…for a WATE plus some cash. I enjoy landscapes and found my 24mm sitting in the bag too much favoring my 35mm Lux FLE. You do well by the 24mm Lux though, and I will enjoy seeing what you can do with this big boy!

  3. nice work Peter. The three bugs in a form of leading line add to this.

    Nice photos Bijan!

    As for bag, it’s a Gordy wrist strap and carrying. To and from work….a Marmut back pack!! Very classy 🙂

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