The little red radio flyer: Greg’s poem.

Guest Post, Inspiration

Two weeks ago, I posted an image called The Little Red Radio Flyer.

One of the viewers of this site, Greg, who understood the love and loss this image was attempting to communicate, generously wrote a little poem for it.

I was sincerely touched by his kind gesture, and so today I’m publishing the poem.

Thank you Greg,



                                  The slender light slips on, as if

                                  A garment held up by the shadows,

                                  The arc of the tricycle’s red frame –

                                  And welling from that narrow loft

                                  Into the heart a full reknowing:

                                  Another day, a hand, a name.




2 thoughts on “The little red radio flyer: Greg’s poem.

  1. Hello cher Perter,

    Of course , unfortunatly, I can not understand all the nuance of this beautifull poem…
    But, I wanted to Thank Greg very much for its very kind gesture to You , because your nostalgic picture….
    Hugues, this French Guy…Who would like to speak better the English language ….

  2. Peter, I’m normally a king size philistine when it comes to poetry. But understanding some of the background, these few lines become especially poignant and tender.


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