5 thoughts on “The little red Radio Flyer.

  1. Hi Peter,

    I find this post quite touching, as I currently have one of those very bikes (albeit a more updated version…) in my garage, and in use by one of the kids.

    I do note your comment however (“Her LAST gift to her two year old daughter”) and can’t help but think that it sounds a little ominous! Taken in the context of the picture (a lonely bike, placed high up, out of reach, inside an old wooden structure…) the whole thing seems a little sorrowful. Were you intending to evoke these sorts of emotions? Is there a tragic story behind this post?

    It certainly does create a lot of nostalgia.

    All the best,

      1. Peter,

        You’re not supposed to fill me with dread and sadness…especially after I’ve been up all night! I hope that one of your family is (was) not unwell…

        Anyway, I guess that’s what good photographers do sometimes.

        Yet another reason for me to anticipate my trip.

        Warm regards,

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