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Almost Home.

“Come back. Even as a shadow, even as a dream.”





G’s Tomato.

Our son G has been trying to grow tomatoes since early this summer.

Recently he was excited to see some progress in the form of this promising fruit of his labour.  He was keeping a watchful eye on it as he was hoping to eventually serve it to us in a salad, seasoned with the basil he’s also been growing (LOL, our house is looking more and more like a makeshift organic farm each day).

Unfortunately, last night a nocturnal visitor decided to have a little nibble on it, and this is what we found early this morning  😦



↑iPhone (photo credit goes to my wife).

Keeping promises (more dough for you).

A while ago, I made a promise to you.

Unfortunately, I have not lived up to my leavened words.

I am trying to change that today.

Here is my first ever attempt at baking bread.

Now ask yourself if you get this much dough from other photography blogs.

That’s what I thought.


Prosophos Home Made Bread

M17… CCD Lives!

Prosophos M8 and M9 is M17

Please consider signing my Open Letter to Leica:

Prosophos Open Letter to Leica

M8… CCD Lives!

10 years later.


M8… CCD Lives!

Ghost Stories.

Living with good and bad
I always looked up to you
Now we’re left cold and sad…

Deep in the darkest night
I send out a prayer to you

George Harrison, All Those Years Ago.

Ghost Stories

The beginning and the end.

The end and the beginning too.


Prosophos The beginning and the end Leica Kanto Black M3 50mm Summilux ASPH Black Chrome


Hotline Bling.


Guess what arrived today?

Directly from Japan… the Minolta Autocord.

It is beautiful, just beautiful.

Now, how to work this?


Prosophos - Minolta Autocord Arrives

Rainbow Arc.

Sometimes, your attempts will fall a little short of your dreams.

(image created 62 minutes ago)


Rainbow Arc

Prosophos Home-Made Pizza Dough.

My promise to you — as part of your free membership to this site — is that I’ll continue to work hard to stretch your zero dollars.

So from now on, I will not only be doing my best to answer your questions, but I’ll also be sharing my famous home-made pizza dough with you, the viewer, via iPhone images.

That’s right, images of my very own home-made pizza dough shared with you — online.

While other Canadian photo-bloggers claim to provide you with value for your hard-earned zero dollars, I’m the only Canadian photo-blogger sharing authentic home-made pizza dough with you.

And what is better than home made pizza (dough)?

“Pizza dough for zero dough.”

That’s my promise.


Prosophos Pizza


So a funny thing happened to me…

… when I started a thread about  My Open Letter to Leica in the Leica User Forum.

And yes, I violated Rule #8 of My Photography Truths again.

On a related note, let’s re-visit this previous post (just for fun).



What is it about Leica rangefinders that inspire countless photographers to create wonderful images?


The Plustek 120 has arrived!

That was fast delivery!… ordered yesterday, here today.

(Thank you Canada Post)

Plustek 120-1

I still have the plastic protective sheet on the front 🙂

The footprint is certainly much smaller than the Epson V700.  Excellent.

For comparison purposes, here is the Plustek 120 from above, with a standard 3-hole punch and my recent Polaroid photo sitting on top of it:

Plustek 120-2

Now, the question is:

Will it perform as well as the V700?


Yearning for the Frozen Touch.

This was taken the day leading up to the evening before our power was restored, following the infamous Toronto Ice Storm.

We were outside, chipping away at the ice in front of our house, and the sun had finally made an appearance that day.

It was late afternoon and the light was fantastic.

We had no idea how the night would go for us, as the temperature inside our house was almost as low as outside.

But amidst the struggle and fear, there was beauty to be found.

It’s always the case.

I have to remind myself of that constantly.


Yearning for the Frozen Touch

↑iPhone 5.