Born in 1970 (Part 2).

Leica M2-R.


10 thoughts on “Born in 1970 (Part 2).

  1. gmlane says:

    Peter, did you buy the M2? It looks gorgeous. As you know, I bought an M3, but agonized over the M2.

  2. Had mine out this morning with a roll of Portra400 in it and a Zeiss 35 f2. Such a beautiful viewfinder and mechanical work of art. I did add a voigtlander meter to the top of mine. Mines a 1958.

  3. jh says:

    Peter, you ever tried the Rokkor 40/2? I personally prefer it to the V 40/1.4 Looking fwd to seeing your output from this camera, esspecially the colours 😉

    • Thanks jh, I haven’t tried the Rokkor 40/2 (or the Leica variant), but I find that f/1.4 is necessary in Toronto, as the light is quite diminished during the winter (which lasts a long time…).

      Having said that, I’ve seen some head-to-head comparisons between the Voigt 40/1.4 and the 40/2 (it takes a little searching on the web to find them) and the Voigt will either match or exceed the Minolta/Leica 40/2 in performance. And it’s available brand new, for less $.

      Where the Minolta/Leica 40/2 has an advantage is in its size: it’s smaller.

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