5 thoughts on “Post-Prandial.

  1. Your photographs are absolutely stunning and very inspiring…A friend of mine recently sent me some images I had taken of his family many years ago using my first SLR camera and realized my continuing search for the perfect camera/lens combo might be futile as it seems I really liked those early images I was taking without very much camera knowledge/internet noise etc. I have bought and sold many since then…I will never sell the Canon A-1, however. Not sure why but I suddenly had the urge to try a vintage Leica…did not overthink it…just felt something when I saw some images posted on line taken with the M2. Simple has always been my philosophy in picture taking (my A-1 was usually set on program so it was a fancy point and shoot for the most part) so the M2 is very attractive to me. I always felt happier when I was taking more pictures…closer to nature, my friends and family. Will the M2 be better than my A-1???? I have no idea but I am looking forward to its arrival. A recent lens purchase for my digital camera left me so uninspired I sent it back after a day… Finding my original 50/1.8 lens from years ago, however, made me smile. Your wonderful images made me smile too!

      1. Thank you Peter and thank you again for sharing your talents as a photographer! JM ps…thinking about that doomo meter…and the voigtlander vcII looks nice too! Happy Thanksgiving! JM

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