6 thoughts on “Follow-up to “Film Photographers Rejoice!”: The Plustek 120 Pro is here!

  1. Boy is this thing expensive. I would like to see comparisons with cine scanners – I am very skeptical of photo scanners, as you probably know (because I never shut up about it). And from what I can see from one review, the scanning times are quite long.

  2. At the moment, there seems to be one left on Amazon UK.
    Waaay out of my price range. I could probably have all of my 1970s negs scanned by someone else for that.

    1. Well, I just looked at it myself and that’s not the Amazon price, though it does say it’s fulfilled by the “Plustek UK Estore”, so that’s their price.

      Regardless, if that is the price, is that much different from what used Nikon 9000 scanners (first released in 2003!) are selling for? (Not sure, to be honest… haven’t looked in a while).

      And without knowing how well this new scanner performs, I don’t know how anyone can conclude that the price is too high. I mean, haven’t many of us been clamoring for a good mid-range scanner? I know I have, so I will reserve judgement until I actually see one in action.

      1. Yes, Nikon 9000s seem to be selling on eBay for between US$1,500 and $2,500. Seems like a lot, although I have (seriously) thousands of negatives from olden times that I’d like to digitize.
        I guess I’d have to do some serious research about the elderly software that the 9000 needs.
        I suppose it might be reasonable (depending on its speed) to buy one, make a winter project of going through all those old negs and then selling it on.
        I don’t really shoot enough film now to make it sensible for current production; an slr copying setup would do for that.
        (Sorry if you’ve been through this before, but what are you using now?)

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