Epson V600 Scanner.

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I had someone ask me today how I like the Epson V600 scanner.  A few more of you have asked the same question since my last set of images were posted, so I thought I’d resurrect this previous discussion:

The same observations for the Epson V700 hold true for the V600, except that:

  1. The V600 film holder can handle 3 frames of a 6×7 negative, just like the Plustek 120.
  2. The V600 is smaller than the V700.
  3. The V600 costs much less than either scanner.

All in all, I am pleased with it and would recommend it to anyone scanning medium format film. For 35mm film, I use the Plustek 8200.  Both of these scanners can be purchased for less money than the Epson V800, which is the current equivalent to the now discontinued V700.

The Plustek 120 is also no longer available, but a next generation model is anticipated.



9 thoughts on “Epson V600 Scanner.

  1. i shoot more color than black and white film, and i have a v700 here. to be honest though , having tried all different kinds of scanning software i do prefer let a lab handle the development and scanning. the results are a huge difference and maybe one day i will get my own Fujifilm Frontier SP 3000 or Noritsu 600 to scanner which are the considered the best of their kind.

    1. For colour film, I’d have to agree with you. For B&W, I tend to do it myself.

      Still, I was a little surprised to see the Epson software for the V600 at default settings handle colours in a more pleasing way as compared to Silverfast (which is what I usually use). I tested the two in a head-to-head manner, but never posted the results. I’m guessing the Silverfast settings could be tweaked to approximate the same look as Epson’s software, but I haven’t tried.

      Still, I’m tempted to shoot more colour film if the Epson software interprets the colour negatives as well as it seemed to during my test runs.

      1. what many guys are doing is using a software called Negative Lab Pro, which seems to get great results on color with the Epsons.
        you are right with the black and white film, that is definitely easier to get good results from a flatbed scanner. keep up the good work, i like it.

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