The Graduates (Film Simulations Applied).

Top Panel: As previously posted.

Bottom Panel: Film Simulations Applied.

EDIT:  I just replaced the bottom panel with the updated versions (you may have to refresh your browser to see the changes).  The differences are now more subtle, but the bottom panel definitely retains a more film-like appearance.


16 thoughts on “The Graduates (Film Simulations Applied).

  1. Andreas Hackauf says:

    bottom is better than top and the best image is bottom panel in the middle!

  2. gmlane says:

    Peter, I like the 1st and 3rd images in the top panel. I like the 2nd image in the bottom panel. Regarding the 2nd image, do you think that you ought to remove the red or orange ball? The image is lovely, but when I look at it, my eyes immediately go to the red ball even though it is faded in the lower panel’s image.

  3. I’m going to be the cold wind of hard reality, blowing the door open on this pleasant fireside chat. I see no appreciable difference at all between these sets. There are differences, to be sure, but none that matter. All the simulation seems to have done is increase exposure by 1/3-2/3 of a stop.

    Having said that, the film simulation did not make the photos worse. 😉

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