12 thoughts on “The Graduate, 2.

  1. nice Peter. what source of light was coming from the right side? (forgive the technical question). it looks beautiful and enhances her natural loveliness. while i have a big dislike of hands, this seems to work. is the gfx heavy to handhold?

    1. Thanks Henry. I used an Ice light. It was a great decision in retrospect because we didn’t get out in time to take advantage of the nice light from earlier in the day, and I was worried the images were going to come out flat.

      The GFX weighs as much as a Canon/Nikon DLSR with a good chunk of glass attached.

  2. Ay caramba. These two portraits are very nice indeed. As usual, you picked the light very well.

    Fuji sure knows how to make lenses. Not a hint of aberration anywhere. Seriously I think these cameras are too good, and they’ll make some people irritated that they have cameras and lenses just as big (or bigger) but with smaller sensors. 😉

  3. Bravo this looks so different to the other stuff you have shot before, congrats to the GFX. did you trade it for the M10 or using it alongside ? cheers from Germany

    1. Hi Aaron,

      LOL, too late for me to be romanced by subject isolation ― have a look at the rest of my blog, starting from the beginning!

      In this case, I was comfortable obliterating the parking lot, traffic lights, street signs, and other artifacts of urban blight behind her.

      Yes, I was comfortable isolating my subject at this particular milestone moment in her life.

      However, lest you think I’ve grown drunk with the intoxication of the mighty 110/2, have a look at my follow up image from 3 days ago which was created with a different lens, and which contains far less bokeh:

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