24 thoughts on “The Last Day.

  1. beautiful, Peter. superb use of natural light pattern. am i detecting a few modifications in your shooting style? its always been great to share your way of seeing, whether with a leica or a nikon, but this seems a different direction. perhaps a little more “formal”, tho i dislike that term, but always thoughtful and sensitive. those d__m medium format sensors encourage a slower approach but with the qualities that you, Peter, bring to play, the cameras are truly rewarding. thanks for sharing these.

    1. Thanks Henry, that’s very kind of you! You’re right, the camera definitely influences the workflow.

      I can’t really take grab shots with the 50R, because the focus won’t cope under those circumstances. But there are occasions, such as in the photo above, where I want to take a more contemplative shot, and I know that in these cases the sensor will reward the effort.

      1. Consider the GFX100. It’s a big camera, but eliminates the deficiencies of the R, in terms of speed/spontenaeity….I am sure this tech will trickle down to the 50R down the road…

        1. Marc, wow this is indeed a great combo!!! Great shots!!! Painterly DOF! Thank you for sharing!! 🙂

  2. i dont know if you kept any leica lenses, but when im willing to use the electronic shutter (ugh) and crop to square format, the 50 summilux 1.4 is very nice on my x1d with an adaptor. im sure the voigtlander would be too.

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