The Leica M11.

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The Leica M11 will have >40 MP.

That will really reveal focus errors when using fast lenses wide open.  Technique will therefore matter more than ever.

It would be nice if the new sensor achieves greater dynamic range and colour accuracy (which admittedly is already quite good with what we have).

Leica, please just keep the optical viewfinder (that’s a personal request).


6 thoughts on “The Leica M11.

  1. I think they are going to have to go for around 40mp, 24mp is just getting to back in the field now especially with Hasselblad and Fuji going for it with there MF cameras. Also WOW how good does that Fuji look.

  2. There is no way that Leica will remove the rangefinder from a rangefinder camera. There’s no point to it otherwise.

    OTOH, I don’t see the point in such high resolution for a camera intended for either general purpose photography, or for street/news photography. High DR and frame rate are more important for the M than resolution is.

  3. Leica should insert a focus sensor inside their Rangefinder camera and the slight bleep or light signal could tell you if the picture is focused properly. David

  4. David
    That idea is brilliant, but flawed. Your desired focal point of the image would need to be registered somehow (as with a moving dot) for such a system to operate correctly. I love the concept.

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