22 thoughts on “Coffee Break.

  1. hmmmmm. if they improve fps and a few other things plus lower the price, perhaps hassy could compete with fuji. glad you tried it Peter but i have a hard time seeing anything improve on your nice m10 or earlier leica work.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Henry.

      I know you know this, because you photograph with the Hasselblad X1D, but it is almost impossible to see with such small (web-sized) images the difference(s) the larger sensor makes, but they are real. The 100% crops are very impressive, to say the least. I have no doubt that this sensor outclasses the one in the M10 in many areas.

      My conclusion (and this is already known to many of you): a camera like this could not replace my M camera – it’s not meant to be a casual shooter. However, if you remember that this is an (almost-)medium format camera and you use it for careful, considered photography, it will reward you.

      Please try not to judge the GFX based on a photo I took while fiddling with the menus during a 15 minute walk. It’s just a test shot. There are certainly enough talented photographers out there that have created art with this thing.

      As an aside, I liked the GFX 50R much more than I thought I would, perhaps because I was prepared for the worst.

      On the other hand, I still can’t stand shooting with an EVF… it disconnects you from the world in such a jarring way.

  2. you covered the issues pretty well Peter, and impt to stress how little you can tell from web viewing. only with prints 17×22 and larger does the rich detail (and color, whetheryou prefer fuji’s strong choices or hasselblad’s quite natural ones) reveal its impact. frankly, for most people viewing on the web, phone pics probably look as good. so why do we invest so much in camera hardware? my need is for personal studio use, and there medium format really excels (tho the x1d still frustrates with its fps, for example). and the landscape work with medium format i’ve seen from many pros is to die for. anyway, gla you had fun and found the experience of interest. (i still love, love, love my m9 files).

  3. oh wow you did give it a try 🙂 i hope you enjoyed it. for sure the camera is slower to shoot but it is MF. Personally i am not the biggest fan of the 63mm as it is very slow focusing. still nice IQ though. my favourites are the 110 and the 45.

        1. I had a GREAT time, and I still can’t stop thinking of those files. I have a couple more test images I’ll be posting and as I’m working through them I am really enjoying the richness of the files.

  4. I have one, trading away the Q to snag it. I love it. I still love my M10 more, despite superior file quality, etc….but my oh my, the images that come out of it out blow you away. DR, transitions from highlight to shadow, and the richness of the files. M lenses provide more character and personality, in my opinion, but on other fronts, the Fuji takes it.

      1. I really (really) want to love it, but for 99% of my intended usage, I just can’t convince myself there is a tangible difference over the A7R3 (though the interface sucks…) or the Nikon Z7.

    1. Karim:

      There are actually quite a few articles written about it already; some are better than others, with a few vignetting quite heavily. One of the best (believe-it-or-not) is the new Voigtlander 50/1.2!


      Was this processed from RAW, or shot JPG in-camera? Regardless, I quite like the treatment here. It is definitely a camera that is hard to resist………

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