Decision time.

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A few of you might be aware of my little post (that generated a surprising amount of commentary) where I admitted missing having a digital M.

Be that as it may, after much thought I’ve decided to keep my D850 and Nikon lenses.  I just can’t get past the fact that the M10 represents a downgrade in image quality.  It may not be obvious by observing my 800 pixel-width posts on this blog, but it is easily discernible on larger files (and in prints).

I can’t justify paying the price an M10 demands, in light of the above.  The only reason I’m even thinking about this is because I prefer photographing with rangefinders.

Given my passion for rangefinders, I will have to reach for my M3 when I am so inspired, or when I tire of lugging around my D850.  I enjoy the output from film more than anything else anyway…

July 28th UPDATE:  Well, so much for the above.  A new development has tipped the balance for me:  I received a call from a dealer and now have an opportunity to pick up a used (demo?) M10 + 50 Summilux ASPH at a considerable price discount.  In return, I would trade in my Nikon gear.

Oh dear…?

July 28th UPDATE #2:  Camera is in hand… it appears as if it has never been used.

Prosophos Leica M10 1

On the back, the plastic LCD screen protector is still on.

Turning the camera on… the language preference menu appears.  As far as I can tell, no one has taken a photograph with this camera yet.

Prosophos Leica M10 2


So, I have this M10 to test out for a few days, along with the 50mm APO that you see in the first image (I will not be buying this lens by the way… don’t have enough gear to trade in for it, LOL).


20 thoughts on “Decision time.

  1. Last week I did a pixel-peeping comparison between the new Fuji sensor, the SL sensor, and a DSLR sensor. The Fuji ‘won’ – not because it had more resolution than, say, the D850, but because it was the only sensor (IIRC) that did not exhibit aliasing or false colour. Having said that, film is still where it’s at as far as image quality goes (not mere resolution).

    I am still not sure where I want to go next (Fuji? Micro 4/3? RX10/100? A7?). But I am grateful that we are all spoiled for choice. Medium format would be useful, too…

    Thinking aloud only: I’d be tempted to buy an automated film processor.

  2. Peter, thanks for following up on your previous post.

    I’ve been considering a D850 as well since you made the transition, but just can’t make the move…primarily due to the size. I’m assuming you have considered the A73 and wonder why you haven’t gone that direction. From what I have seen, it’s almost too small and I don’t love the EVF, but It does seem to check many of the boxes. I also don’t have a good sense for it’s colors. I am liking most of what I see out of your D850, although certainly different than the M9. Your D850 colors seem more neutral, subtle, and accurate to me.

    I’m finding the M10 colors more consistent and predictable than the M9, but there is a bit orange/brown cast for me a lot of the time. When the M9 was great, it was really great for me. At the same time, they colors were strange for me much of the time.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing and continue to look forward to your pictures and posts.


    1. John, I’ve tried Sony… three times. Each time, the user experience left me cold.

      Maybe they’ve improved things with the A7III, but Leica is still the only brand that seems to understand how to build digital cameras and not gadgets.

      The D850 colours are very good, other than the tendency to render skin tones orange, but I’ve learned how to combat that.

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

  3. Very understandable choice. The D850 is highly capable. M9’s are fairly cheap now , so maybe that is a good way to add to the kit when you want a digital M, but don’t sacrifice the benefits of the D859z

  4. July 28th: oh Peter, you are always good for a surprise!!! I am very curious about this M Combo and the results! You keep the photo-world go round!! This is Peter at his best!! 😉

  5. Oh my!!! Congratulations. I’m very excited to see what you can do with this setup. I’ve been very interested in that lens as well, but can’t afford it. I will have to get buy with my 50mm Summilux ASPH:)

    Also, there was a new firmware update a few weeks ago you may want to check to see if it’s been installed.

    I can’t wait to see more.

    1. John, I’m definitely not going to own this 50 APO, it’s too expensive for me too. I have it on loan until my dealer can get a 50/1.4 ASPH, which is the lens I really want anyway. Thanks for your kind wishes.

  6. It’s always fun around here! Did you take a few reference images with the D850 to compare it directly to the M10? I don’t know if such things are that useful, as DPReview lets you do that using a highly controlled environment.

    I always wondered why one would choose the 50 Summmilux over a classic Summicron.

    1. The f/1.4. Seriously.

      For much of the year it’s dark in Canada and I’d rather collect as much light as I can with a f/1.4 lens rather than amplifying it with a boost to ISO.

  7. Enjoy the test. If you feel so inclined, share what you learn/find.

    You can make a coke bottle lens and a cardboard box camera work so I am sure there is fun ahead.

    Happy summer, Peter. Hope you and yours are all well.

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