22 thoughts on “The Graduate, 2 (film simulation).

  1. Well, in this instance… I find the vibrancy of the original (for me) suits her pose and energy better. In a more contemplative moment, maybe the other way (?).

    1. Now that’s a very interesting observation. I find when I view the original files (not the web-sized versions here) on my desktop, the “normal’ versions always look better than the “filtered” ones (more detail, dynamic range). Yet, on smaller screens, the filtered ones have more “pop”.

      1. I should add: it would be very interesting to produce different sized prints (small and large) of the two versions and see whether one is consistently preferred, regardless of the size.

        And to answer your question: yes, high school is next.

  2. I like the film simulation myself. It think it’s the slightly darker background that I prefer on that one.

  3. Peter, I definitely prefer the ‘normal’ version. For me, the background with the film simulation is too busy and almost distracting. I like the smoothness of the first image better.

  4. Karim, Greg, John, Dave, and Sam… further to Mark’s response above, would you be kind enough to let me know if you are viewing the images on a smartphone or computer screen?

    1. To be frank, I find all your D850 images are quite flat, no matter I view on iPad Pro or iMac Pro. Relative to your M9. May be micro contrast or black level settings…

      1. Thank you Sam. I know about how you feel and even understand why you may still prefer the M9 files. There’s definitely a unique look with the M9 images.

        However, I can say without hesitation that I’m happier with the D850 files. It took 10 years for me to find an M9 replacement, but I finally did.

        1. Thanks Peter and Dave for your honest feelings.

          D850 file is incredible in Sony/Nikon/Canon/Pentax era.

          To me, I would say D850 is like Mamiya AF645 with Fujifilm Provia 100, while Leica M10/M9 is like a 135 Kodachrome 64. It is a bad example but I do think Peter will understand what I meant.

          JB once said we human never look at just one thing; we are always looking at the relation between things and ourselves. Same as camera raw files. Very personal.

          Forget to mention, my latest visual enjoyment is X1D file on iMac Pro, sometimes with leica lens. A whole new visual experience. Thanks Lloyd.

          We’re all gearhead in some ways…haha

  5. I’ve looked both on my iPhone and iMac. I guess I feel the same way on either machine. I much prefer the non-simulated images. Not trying to dismiss from Sam, but I think the 850 files look great. A lot of this all comes down to personal preference. You have had some 850 images that you don’t care for, that I think look incredible, and you have some film images that you love, that I don’t care for. I’m amazed we can recreate these types of files and looks from our computers…

    1. I hear you loud and clear Dave. For me as well, the D850 files are quite stunning. Usually when I’ve strayed away from the M9 I don’t last long without one, but this time I’ve said my goodbyes for good (9 months and counting…).

      With regards to the non-simulated images, those are the ones that I philosophically gravitate towards. What I mean by this is that I find it somewhat conceptually unsatisfying to take a perfectly good (and information-rich) digital file and then “dirty it up” digitally to simulate film. Most of the time I prefer the unfiltered images anyway (because the digital files processed to look like film rarely look as good as the real thing) so it’s generally a non-issue for me.

      However, in some cases, I do find that the film simulations enhance the file in a pleasing way, so I will use them from time to time.

  6. I viewed both on my computer screen, a 24″ colour-calibrated Samsung 1080 16:9 LCD. 🙂

    There’s nothing actually wrong with the other version, of course. It’s nice, too. But this just has more bite.

    There’s also nothing wrong with the D850’s files, compared to other cameras. There isn’t much in it. But as a camera, it’s not on my short list. However, there are so many good cameras available – some for very little money – that choosing one can be frustrating for some!

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