My current gear.

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15 thoughts on “My current gear.

  1. Dave Uhlig says:

    Ahh, the 850! I had forgotten you had that body still… You’ve been posting so much film work lately I forgot that was in the house! You will definitely be fine! Have a great weekend and enjoy every minute of it.

  2. Dave Uhlig says:

    I thought it was weird not seeing it lately. Didn’t realize you were letting it go. I was just telling my son, (who recently picked up the photo bug), that you have the ultimate set up. Nikon D850, 28, 58, 105 1.4. You could pretty much cover the world with that little getup! Happy shooting.

  3. Dave Uhlig said:

    You could pretty much cover the world with that little getup!

    I agree with you 100%.

    On a related note, I hope your son finds his photographic pursuits very rewarding.

  4. Dave Uhlig says:

    Nothing would make me more proud if he really took an interest He already has a great eye, but at 18 and just starting college in the fall, he will have a lot of life changes ahead of him. Hopefully photography is the one constant.

  5. Andreas Hackauf says:

    Good to see the D 850 again! And wowwwww the 105 1.4, what a lens! 😀👍

  6. greg g49 says:

    Ah, but the 200/2 lovely beast is also gone. Still, theoretically, the 850 on Dx settings and the 105 could handle the tournament, albeit with half the reach of the 500/200 combo.

    Nikon seem to have become a very customer unfriendly company, and that’s clearly reflected in your service experience. The sort of attitude you’ve encountered starts at the top… not even the offer of a loaner while the warranty work they have now twice screwed up is completed.

    Anything other than a monopolistic operation (Nikon of course won’t sell parts to independent service outfits) would go quickly out of business acting that way… it may take Nikon longer, but I still think it’s coming if they don’t change. The new mirrorless will not save them if they continue with the same arrogant disdain toward the consumer regarding service and customer relations generally as they have shown since the first D800 focus issues.

  7. Samchoo says:

    I think the photos you took with the Nikon D850 really match the way you draw and look so natural and peaceful. Nice to hear you keep it.

  8. I want to see that Leica in black. 🙂 I wonder, though, purely as a thought exercise: would you not prefer the M4 with a retrofitted .95x VF? The improved film loading might make it worth buying. However, it depends how much it would cost.

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