Update #2: Nikon Service and my D500.

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I was notified today that my D500 was, after two failed attempts, finally repaired.


Nikon had to replace the entire circuit board; luckily, my camera was still under warranty.


I arrived at the repair facility — only to find out it still didn’t work.


The upshot?

They’re going to do the right thing and replace it with a new D500.  I had to push for this a little bit, but the discussion was very cordial and they eventually acknowledged that despite replacing the innards of this camera they still weren’t any closer to figuring out what was actually wrong with it.

I should get the new camera within 4 weeks’ time.  In the meantime, they’ve provided me with a loaner D500.

Thank you, Nikon Canada.



2 thoughts on “Update #2: Nikon Service and my D500.

  1. Peter, it is good to hear you get a brandnew D 500, this is not disappointing! Hopefully it will work like you wish!😀

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